Make your home more sustainable with timeless paint

Posted on: 05-01-2021

Slowly, all our houses are starting to become more sustainable. With good insulation, off the gas, LED lighting and durable materials and fabrics in the interior.

But not only the material and product itself determine the durability of the item. The appearance, finish and colour partly determine how long you want to keep an item in your home.


Trend or timeless

A lot of furniture is sensitive to trends, a pink velvet sofa, posters on the wall of faraway places, tropical wallpaper and of course all the accessories that we collect around us. Many of us are sensitive to trends and the associated items, we tend to throw more and more pillows on the couch and put candles on the table.

But to paint the house every year, that is often not our hobby. The nice thing about an interior is to feel at home, a reflection of its residents. Not a showroom of today's trends. But how do you create a timeless interior?

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How do you create a timeless interior?

First, go through everything you have. Clear out all the cupboards and see what you have, maybe a handful can just go away. To an acquaintance, neighbor or recycle.

Then look at the basics of the interior, do the colours and materials still suit you? No? Orient yourself on a fine basis that really suits you. Do you find this difficult? Then ask a professional for help. Request free online interior advice from the Pure & Original specialists here.

A timeless interior does not mean that it has to be boring and static. A timeless interior suits its residents and the architecture of the home, everything is right and it feels peaceful.

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Advantages of a timeless interior

There are many advantages of a timeless interior.

  • For example, you have less urge to change. Sometimes you can keep changing. But if it is good, then it is good.
  • You can always move things around, remove and add things in due time. For example, play with the seasons.
  • A timeless interior brings peace to your home and also to your head.
  • Lasts for years and thus saves a lot of money and is better for the environment.


Colours for a timeless interior

Which colours do you choose for a timeless interior? Usually you assume a calm basis. This can be a white, beige, sand or gray tone. But don't be afraid to choose colour! You can also form a base with bold colours. The basis often consists of one colour group or 2 adjacent colour groups which you can combine in different tones for a little more life. For example sand, light yellow and yellow ocher. Or white, beige and soft pink.

You often choose a matte wall paint such as Classico chalk paint or Fresco lime paint. Do you find lime paint very present? You can also make beautiful accent walls with this! For subtle nuances, choose a light lime paint colour, this is soft and quickly brings life to the room. Does the interior have to be practical? Then choose Licetto hyper washable wall paint, ideal for the hall, kitchen and bathroom.

Once the basis has been determined, you can start playing with accent colours. A shade darker in Marrakech Walls Tadelakt or concrete look, a striking colour in Fresco lime paint, or an interplay of colours in another type of paint. Make it your own!

Don't forget to think about the ceiling, doors, window frames, sockets, radiators and baseboards. The ceiling can remain white, but perhaps a toned-down tone would fit in much better. For a sober bedroom, you can opt for a ceiling in a deep shade, for example.

You can make doors and skirting boards stand out by painting them in an accent colour, for example fresh white or anthracite gray, or go for full colour and paint the door pastel green or pink.

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Do you prefer not to see certain items? Such as sockets, light switches and radiators? Then paint it with the same colour as the wall. For a scratch-resistant result, choose Traditional Paint enamel paint.

Tip to remember: Does the item deviate from the large area? For example a light switch on a wall. To deviate is to stand out. The higher the contrast and colour difference, the more the item stands out. By playing with this you can accentuate and camouflage things.

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