Topaze Marrakech Walls Michael Godmer studio - Résidence Galt - Pure & Original

Project Résidence Galt – Michael Godmer studio

Former worker's house typical of the Verdun district of Montreal, this building was transformed without much love into a single-family home by a promoter. After the previous renovation took away all the original cachet, the client, a young professional, active and passionate about architecture, wanted a comfortable, refined space that resembled him.

With the idea of a hotel suite, the mandate began with the master bedroom. The old “gypsum box” now gives way to a balanced mastery of natural textures that create a coloring with rich tones, emanating from the material.

​It is through a brand new signature that Michael Godmer studio have collaborated with several Montreal artisans to create a universe where textures, details and materiality harmonize perfectly to create a soothing and cozy place. Marrakech Walls lime paint from Pure & Original in the colours Topaze and Tundra is ubiquitous throughout the home with the idea of reflecting character due to its neglected original cachet. Interspersed with selected objects, one circulates in the house as in a cabinet of curiosities, now expressing the customer’s story.

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