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Pure & Original paint

We create our beautiful paint with respect for human and nature, using only the best materials and natural pigments. And, of course, Pure & Original paints meet the most stringent environmental requirements.
All of our paint is stained with 100% natural pigments, providing the most beautiful colours and a full, rich look, not to mention the perfect opacity. Marrakech Walls and Fresco Lime paint are even 100% mineral-based paints.

Take a look at the factory where our paint is created in a sustainable, authentic way or get inspired by our colours and projects.

Erwin Floor
Founder & owner
Erwin Floor: Founder and owner of Pure & Original
Brushes with soft pastel colours

Colour inspiration

In the factory in Belgium we create our own colours. Inspiration comes from nature, cities, art and people. 

Curious about our colours? Take a look at the online colour scheme or buy a hand-painted colour chart.

Realised projects

Get inspired by homes where Pure & Original paint is used.

A wide range of projects from living rooms and bedrooms, to children's rooms, offices and even bathrooms and kitchens.

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