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Marrakech Walls

With Marrakech Walls you give the walls a concrete or exclusive tadelakt look. A cool or a luxurious atmosphere in your home. The choice is yours.

The end result that suits you

When applying the paint, you can achieve different results in various ways:

  • A finish with subtle colour nuance with one layer of Marrakech Walls.
  • Extra-depth and relief with two layers of Marrakech Walls.
  • Tadelakt look with soft shine when finished with Lime Soap or in high-gloss with Italian Wax.
  • Water-repellent and washable after saturation with the Dead Flat Eco Sealer.
  • A super high gloss by using Italian Wax.

Also, there are many other options. The technique used influences the final colour, appearance, shine and structure


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A special result with Marrakech Walls

Product specifications
Marrakech Walls

  • 5-7 m2/L
  • 8 hours
  • Indoors
  • Do not dilute
  • 0 gr
  • 30 gr
  • Stir before use


Marrakech Walls wall paint can only be used indoors.


Prepare well before you start painting. Then apply a layer of WallPrim Pro, let it dry and continue with 2 layers of Marrakech Walls. For substrates with different absorption levels, it is recommended to apply a second primer coat with WallPrim Pro to completely neutralise the substrate. This ensures an even and optimal result.

Apply Marrakech Walls thickly to the wall with a brush and then finish it off with the Marrakech Walls spatula.


Applicable to

Painted walls, newly plastered walls, lime plaster, cement plaster, absorbent natural stone, aerated concrete, plasterboard, gypsum trestle, wood, 100% mineral surfaces and other mineral surfaces.

Finish off

High gloss

For a high-gloss end result, apply 2 layers of Pure & Original Italian Wax, both of which are polished with a polishing machine or a dry cloth. Italian Wax makes the surface splash-proof. You must allow a drying time of at least 7 days before the Italian Wax can be applied. Always read the technical data sheet of the relevant product before use.

Satin gloss

For a satin finish, apply at least 2 coats of Pure & Original Lime Soap until the surface is saturated. This also makes the colour nuances fuller and deeper. Lime Soap makes the surface slightly removable. You must allow a drying time of at least 7 days before the Lime Soap can be applied. Always read the technical data sheet of the relevant product before use.

To protect

Marrakech Walls is very porous and not washable and will therefore quickly absorb water and grease. Direct water and/or condensation can leave traces of water. Marrakech Walls can be protected with Dead Flat Eco Sealer. Note: Applying too thick layers, or irregular application, can lead to white haze (especially on dark colours). You must allow a drying time of at least 7 days before the Dead Flat Eco Sealer can be applied. Always read the technical data sheet of the relevant product before use.

How to apply Marrakech Walls?

More about Marrakech Walls

Concrete look walls and ceiling

Marrakech Walls concrete look paint is suitable for painting both walls and ceilings. Whether you want to give a new-build house, an old farm or an apartment in the city a cool look, everything is possible.

Marrakech Walls tadelakt look

You can create a cool concrete look with Marrakech Walls, but also much more! Choose one of dozens of colours for a unique wall finish in sun-drenched yellow, deep midnight blue, intense green or romantic pink.

3D Decorative roller finish

Make a statement and get started with a decorative roller! Apply the Marrakech Walls paint and instead of the Pure & Original Marrakech Walls spatula, use a decorative roller to roll a unique print into the paint.

Marrakech Walls high-gloss finish

Add an extra dimension by finishing the Marrakech Walls with Italian Wax. Then polish it to a high-gloss for a spectacular effect.

Marrakech Walls in the bathroom and kitchen

When Marrakech Walls is finished with a sealer, such as the Dead Flat Eco Sealer, Lime Soap or Italian Wax, you can protect the paint against moisture and splashes. This makes the paint suitable for use in damp rooms, or where you regularly want to wipe a damp cloth over the wall, such as in the kitchen. It is not recommended to apply Marrakech Walls in places with a lot of direct water contact, such as in the shower.

Repainting Marrakech Walls

Marrakech Walls can easily be painted over with any other type of paint such as chalk-based paint, lime paint, latex or lime matte wall paint. You can read how to do this in the technical data sheet at the bottom of this page.