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Water-based paint

There have been many negative experiences with water-based paint in the past. For example, it would be of poor quality, not strong, scratch easily, always have a shine, cannot withstand water and dry poorly. Fortunately, a lot has changed in this area over time!

Our water-based paint is durable, environmentally friendly and at least as strong as oil-based paint!

  • Is water based paint of the same quality as oil-based paint?

Absolutely! Our water based paint is at least of the same quality as an oil-based paint.

  • Do water based paints have the same gloss as oil based paints?

Our range consists of paints of different gloss levels. From velvet and lime matt, to eggshell and high gloss. The gloss also remains beautiful for as long as with an oil-based paint.

  • Are water based paints sensitive to water?

A water based paint will not dissolve in water. One paint is more vulnerable to water than another paint. This is partly due to the ingredients in the paint. Fresco, for example, is based on lime. Lime is a breathable product that is open. That is why it is wise to finish this type of paint with a sealer if you want to apply it in the kitchen or bathroom. Other types of paint can withstand water without any problems. For example, the Traditional Paint lacquer which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Or Licetto, a hyper washable wall paint.

  • Can oil-based paint be painted over with water-based paint?

Absolutely! It is important to first sand the surface and apply the indicated primer. Always read the technical data sheets before use.