Sustainable and vegan paint - The Pure & Original Standard

As an international brand, we stand for the best quality. Our products meet the highest standards and only the best materials are used for our paint. All our products are water-based and coloured with 100% natural and organic pigments. Our paint has the lowest VOC level possible, some paint is even completely VOC free. This not only ensures that our paint is durable. Our paints are also vegan and not tested on animals.

Pure & Original paint is ethically produced in Belgium and meets high quality levels, with the smallest ecological footprint in mind.

You don’t have to worry knowing that our paint contributes to a positive indoor climate, is safe for the air you breathe, is safe for your family and is suitable for sensitive users and people with allergies.

Buy sustainable paint

Even when you buy paint, it is nice to know that the product you buy has a minimal impact on people and the environment. The full range of Pure & Original consists of sustainable paint that we ethically produce in our own paint factory in Belgium. We keep the smallest ecological footprint in mind.

Duurzame verf Pure & Original

“We strive to minimize the impact on the environment with our paint”

Read everything about the sustainable, vegan paint from Pure & Original

We are happy to tell you about the benefits of sustainable paint for you, your family and the rest of the world. Our sustainable paint:
Is water-based
Is coloured with 100% natural and organic pigments
Contains as few (unnecessary) additives as possible
Has the lowest VOC level possible (sometimes even completely VOC-free)
Consists of natural ingredients
Is vegan and not tested on animals
Is child-friendly
Contains CO2 absorbing properties
Will be packaged sustainably

Paint with natural and organic pigments

Our paints are coloured with natural and organic pigments. This means that all pigments originate from nature.

Water-based paint

Our water-based paint is sustainable, environmentally friendly and at least as strong as oil-based paint!

Paint with natural ingredients

Our products contain as few (unnecessary) additives as possible. We call that back to basic.

VOC free paint

All our products contain as little VOCs as possible, because hey, we want to make the world beautiful.

Child-friendly paint

The large amount of natural ingredients, natural and mineral pigments, low odor, low VOC contents and unique properties such as washability make our paints ideal for the smallest in the house. This way you can let your child sleep and play in every room with peace of mind.

CO2 absorbing and circular paint

Lime paint is a sustainable, natural and ecological type of paint that absorbs CO2 from the air during the drying process.

Cruelty-free vegan paint

All our paints are vegan and animal testing free. Only the Kalei brushes contains pig bristles.

Packaging and recycling

Almost all our paint is packed in iron tins, which is a lot more durable than the average plastic container. The cans are 100% recyclable. The labels are made from PET and are also recyclable.


Our paints meet the strictest environmental and quality requirements. We strive to be as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible with our products. To make this known, we have an (eco) label.

Ecolabel Pure & Original

Indoor air emissions – indoor climate eco label
Applicable on all paint types.