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VOC free paint

VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compound”. These are particles that rise from the paint during painting and then spread through the space. These substances can be very harmful, and if a product contains a lot of VOCs and you are painting a mountain, for example, because you are a professional painter, you may even feel unwell over time, in addition, these particles are also very Harmful for the environment.

That’s why all our products contain as little VOCs as possible, because hey, we want to make the world beautiful. Our products never contain more than the maximum amount of VOCs determined by the EU. We try to stay below this max as far as possible, but sometimes you still need these products to develop certain properties. Many solvents, for example, contain VOCs.

Fortunately, we have been able to push the VOC content in many of our products well below the EU max. Fresco lime paint and Marrakech Walls are even completely VOC-free. Our pigments are also completely VOC free.