Verf met natuurlijke en organische pigmenten Pure & Original

Paint with natural and organic pigments

Our paints are coloured with natural and organic pigments. This means that all pigments originate from nature. These pigments contribute to the sustainability and quality requirements that we set for our products.

The difference between natural and synthetic pigments is in more than just the name. Natural and organic pigments are much more complex than synthetic pigments. As a result, the colours have much more depth and colour with the rest of the interior. That way you always have a match. Natural pigments reach a spectrum that a synthetic colour cannot reach.

How does that work? Well like this:
Imagine walking through a field and all around you are colourful flowers in green, blue, white, pink, yellow and purple. You pick a field bouquet from it and put it in a vase. These colours all go together beautifully, one will not easily fall out of place. This is because nature draws colours together. And so it is with pigments.

Now imagine putting a stack of coloured plastic cups on top of each other. This quickly looks harsh and garish, the colours don’t blend well with each other. The same can happen with paint that is coloured with synthetic pigments. The colours can show very harshly and don’t go together.