How much paint do you need?

How many coats are needed for the chosen paint type? And how much paint do you need? Finding out during painting that you are short in paint is annoying, but having a lot of paint left is also a shame. That is why we have made an overview for you in which you get an indication of how much paint you need.

This overview offers guidance, but do you want to be sure that you have ordered enough paint? Then visit our dealers or request a free colour advice if you are not sure which colour and type of paint you want.

Moonstone Green Iris Floor Pure & Original

Keep this in mind

In this overview, we do not take doors, windows or niches into account when making our calculations. The calculation also assumes a smooth, non-absorbent wall. Therefore, pay close attention to whether you are dealing with a smooth wall, a porous wall (this will probably require more paint) and walls that go from dark to light or from a bright colour to a neutral colour. Using the right primer and preparation can help minimize the number of coats. You can find more information about this in our technical data sheets. Always review these before starting the paint job.

Technical paint scheme calculator Pure & Original