Traditional Paint High-Gloss Silver Gold Iris Floor Pure & Original

A sparkling variation on the colour collection

Pure & Original presents the Elements Collection. Sparkling variants of the current colour collection that make the walls shine. Shine is luxurious, mysterious, ultra chic and unique! This paint gives a different experience of the same colour from every angle. For example, you can give walls, ceilings, (kitchen) cabinets and doors a unique look.

The Elements Collection has its origin in the natural elements silver and gold. Like the other Pure & Original paints, this collection is available in almost all colours. The Elements Collection consists of 2 paint types based on Classico chalk-based paint and Traditional Paint High-Gloss lacquer.

‘A touch of glamour from nature’

The Classico Elements Collection combines the ultra-matte look with a pearly shimmer. The Traditional Paint High-Gloss Elements Collection is characterized by its high-gloss effect enriched with a full sparkle. 7 new colours have been developed especially for the Elements Collection: Gold, Brass, Bronze, Rose Gold, Copper, Silver and Gunmetal. Experience the pure and rich appearance of these powerful elements.

The 7 new colours as mentioned above are only available in Traditional Paint High-Gloss Lacquer. This type of paint differs from other lacquers due to its extremely low VOC content and can therefore also be used on walls and ceilings.


The Elements Collection can be applied the same way as of the chosen type of paint. If you choose for the Classico Elements Collection (regardless of which colour), then the way to apply for Classico chalk-based paint can be maintained. The same goes for Traditional Paint High-Gloss. More information about application, drying times, yield, substrate, preparation, etc. can be found in the technical data sheets on the Pure & Original website.

How to apply the Elements Collection?

How to apply Traditional Paint High-Gloss Elements over Marrakech Walls?

Which primer colour?

To create the optimum colour Traditional Paint High-Gloss Elements Collection, apply the recommended primer colour as shown in the diagram.