Finishing products

Lime Soap

Lime Soap is a natural soap that is used to saturate porous surfaces and paints such as the Fresco lime paint and Marrakech Walls. The saturation makes the colour fuller and the surface slightly water-repellent, which makes it very easy to maintain and user-friendly. In addition to the fuller colour and maintenance benefits, the Lime Soap gives the surface a soft, subtle shine.

For a fuller and a soft, subtle shine

Product specifications
Lime Soap

  • 20 m2/L
  • 12 hours, polishable after 4 hours
  • Indoors
  • Do not dilute
  • 0 gr
  • This article falls outside the VOS regulations


Lime Soap can be used indoors.


Apply Lime Soap with a cloth and protective gloves. Do not use a roller to apply Lime Soap.


Applicable to

Mineral paints and other mineral substrates.