Preparation items

WallPrim Pro

Pure & Original WallPrim Pro is a water-based primer for interior use. Available in all Pure & Original colours.

The perfect base for your new painted wall

Product specifications
WallPrim Pro

  • 8-10 m2
  • 12 hours
  • Indoors & outdoors
  • Do not dilute
  • 14 gr
  • 30 gr


WallPrim Pro can only be used indoors on the wall.


Prepare well before you start painting. Apply WallPrim Pro with a round or flat brush, roller or airless.



Applicable to

Painted walls, newly plastered walls, (non-woven) wallpaper, vinyl, lime plaster, cement plaster, absorbent natural stone, clean brickwork, aerated concrete, drywall, plaster blocks and other mineral surfaces.

How to apply WallPrim Pro?