Pure & Original highlights Maison&Objet Paris ‘24

As Female Interior Creators, Lasut & Braun went to Maison&Objet in Paris and captured all the highlights for Pure & Original. In these highlights, Feikje Lasut and Anne Braun take you on a design journey that includes the latest novelties, most inspiring presentations and absolute must-sees in Paris.

Duvivier canapes

Canap.s, fauteuils & meubles de luxe fran.ais | Duvivier Canap.s (duviviercanapes.com)

Duvivier Canap.s (@duviviercanapes)

Anne and Feikje were invited to Duvivier Canapes, an initiated architects’ meeting through the French Chamber of Commerce / Ameublement Français. Upon entering, a window display full of colour, a Balayage of deep red and heavy blue. The chair immediately reminded us of the Red-Blue Rietveld. With seating, it was a soft landing of materials and with the seating comfort our parents loved. To forge an intimate bond between the visitor and the creations, Mauricio Clavero Kozlowski takes you to the limits of space. Into a place, however surprising and rich in discoveries. A journey to the edge of the universe, accompanied by the exceptional leather chairs of Duvivier Canapés


Iron craDsmen furnitures layout renowned designers POUENAT (https://pouenat.fr/)

Maison Pouenat (@pouenat. official)

A sensory journey in 4 unique spaces through the seasonal colour palette, to discover how light, materials and craftsmanship combine to create unique works. We were stimulated by this, 1 by the extreme fragrance and the birds in the background but especially by the combination of the different materials and their textures. Above each presentation a horizontal presentation inspired by the elegant architectural ceiling decorations as found in monumental buildings in historic Paris. Each colour read out with its unique numbering and translated on the floor into a unique custom-made Carpet. From the winter darkness of Atelier Midavaine’s mirrors (@atelier_midavaine) to the spring blossoms of manufacture of Robert Four’s tapestries (@aubusson_r_four). From summer brightness with Maison Pouenat’s elegant armchairs (@pouenat.official), to autumn with Objet de Curiosity’s captivating décor (@objetdecuriosite).



Petite Friture, editeur de design contemporain LIBRE GARDE (https://petitefriture.com/fr/)

PETITE FRITURE (@petitefriture)

We met founder Amélie du Passage of the French brand Petite Friture was born in 2009 from an initiative to promote young designers and create a catalogue of objects, lighting and small furniture with them. The result is a mix of elegant objects that tell a story in a simple and uninhibited way.



SINNER PARIS – Hotel de luxe cultiv., restaurant festif – Le Marais, Paris 3 (https://sinnerparis.com/)

Sinner Paris (@sinnerparis)

With our architectural troupe, we were given an extensive, exclusive tour of this conceptual, exciting hotel and access to 1 of its luxury rooms. We were surprised and impressed by the staff tenues even at the entrance. True to his signature style, interior designer Tristan Auer leaves trends and surprises behind, even in the smallest details. From the restaurant’s electric relaxation to rooms inspired by church rooms, and from dark corridors lit by lanterns to the concept store in the crypt. The attention to detail continues in the mysterious spa, inspired by Roman baths. Like a well-kept secret, hidden behind a heavy door, it invites you into a private, secret twilight, borrowing only the aromas of a forbidden scent from the monastic atmosphere. And throughout the hotel, stained-glass windows and a mystical soundtrack stand out against the lush texture of velvet, curtains and mirrors. Sinner is unique. A mix of religious heritage, opulent rooms and spectacular spaces. Contrasting radical lines with suggestive curves and a sense of unpolished luxury with the most seductive atmospheres. Sinner marks a new chapter in Parisian life, liberated from all old norms. The price of a hotel stay is also high-end, but we can imagine you want to be a Sinner. A custom-made cabinet filled with LPs and a record player, you pick your favourite song. Fill your crystal glass with 1 of the champagne varieties from the fridge in your own bar. You briefly become part of the concept and totally surrender, love-it.



Laffanour – Mobiliers Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé Jeanneret (galeriedowntown.com)

Francois Laffanour – Galerie Downtown (@laffanourgaleriedowntown)

The window has beautiful shades of aubergine and we see warm wood, vintage and mirrored sleek futuristic lighting, this is design. Once inside, we see Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost’s beautiful lighting and at the back of the gallery, a brown-upholstered DS-600 is adorning a giant rug of ochre and beige. Anne gets into a conversation with the gallery owner about their shared passion for vintage and her father’s maximum commitment to renovating her vintage chairs collection.


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