Wall colours for a cosy bedroom

A cosy bedroom contributes to a good night's sleep. Not only is it important that it is tidy, but the colours on the wall and in the rest of the bedroom also have a function. The most soothing colour you can use is blue, but of course I didn't choose that.

A blank canvas

Literally all the walls in this house were white when I got the key on 1 December. Of course, I had thought about the wall colours beforehand and in a previous blog you can see what I did in the living room. From a chilly room with a marble floor, to a cosy living room with a PVC floor and earth tones on the wall.

Of course, the bedroom had to go too. Loyal readers of my blog and followers on Instagram know that I love earth tones and there will be no other colour in the house! So the colour palette of the living room was carried through to the bedroom. And for a moment… there is nothing nicer than painting a white wall in a beautiful colour. You just see the room brighten up by the quarter!


The wall colours in my bedroom

There is a niche in my bedroom and I decided to enhance that effect by giving just the niche a different colour to the rest of the room which gives a very cosy feel to the bedroom. Here I chose the same colour as in the living room behind the sofa, namely Mexican Sand in Classico chalk-based paint. It is a beautiful, warm shade of brown that fits perfectly into a modern interior and blends with many earth tones.

As a contrast, for the rest of the bedroom I chose the colour North Sea Silt. An insanely beautiful beige that also fits current trends perfectly. Together, they make a perfect duo!

Styling the bedroom

A bed is, of course, central in the bedroom and as a contrast to the light walls, I chose a dark grey bed. This creates a nice contrast. Tip: if you choose everything in the room within the same colour palette, you will see that it creates calmness and unity, which is very important in a bedroom.

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Love, Judith

By Judith Doppenberg

Blogger bij Huizedop.

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