The perfect beige paint for a warm interior

I found it, the perfect beige paint for a warm interior and a colour that fits in many living styles. Earlier I painted the ceiling in the bedroom in the colour Canvas from Pure & Original. We liked this a lot so the kitchen was next.

Last week we started working on it!

Canvas from Pure & Original

It is extremely important to test a colour before purchasing a large pot of paint. I still had a leftover from our paint job in the bedroom, bought a cheap panel and painted it in the colour Canvas. Then you place this panel in different places in the room, at different times of the day. The light changes during the day and this has a lot of influence on colour.

Soon i was convinced that this should be the colour in the kitchen. It’s a warm, beige paint colour that’s perfect for a north-facing room. Cooler light comes in from the north than from the south. A shade of gray (what we previously had on the back wall in the kitchen) reinforces this and makes it a bit harder.

Since I wanted a little more warmth in the kitchen, the Canvas colour is perfect. If you also have a room on the north that you would like to have a bit more atmosphere, then this is a good color tip. The colour is very neutral and therefore widely applicable.

At Pure & Original you will find different types of paint that all have their own characteristics, but also all give a different effect.

Marrakech Walls in the beige colour Canvas

We already had Marrakech Walls on the back wall in the kitchen with which you can create a cool concrete look. I wanted this back anyway because it is just beautiful in this place!

Do you also want a tough concrete look? This is how you make it yourself:

  1. First you apply a layer of WallPrim Pro. This is a water dilutable wall primer for indoor use. The WallPrim Pro is available in all Pure & Original colours. I never dilute it myself, but you could do this.
  2. Let the WallPrim Pro dry thoroughly
  3. Then you get started with Marrakech Walls (be sure to check the Pure & Original website for more information about this). You apply this with a block brush, after which you make stucco movements with a spatula. Make sure you always work in wet paint and work per square meter. Working wet on wet is very important. As soon as you let it dry too much, you will see this afterwards. No cup of coffee in between. Check the wall, look at it from a distance and make sure you touched everything with the spatula, then let it dry well.
  4. After about a day you can see the final result

If you see too many irregularities or stains, this is easy to solve. We also had dark spots here and there that I found too noticeable. Very fine sandpaper offers the solution! You can choose to sand the entire wall or just the places that you find less attractive in the whole. This time I only sanded the dark spots and softened a sharp edge here and there. Use the finest sandpaper you can find. I used a 320 grit and it works fine. Coarser sandpaper can scratch your wall.

Protect your painted wall with a sealer

The concrete look wall is in our kitchen, behind the tap. To make it washable, we treated it with Pure & Original’s Dead Flat Eco Sealer. You apply the sealer with a block brush, not with a roller and wait a few days before applying this sealer until the Marrakech Walls is really completely dry. Allow the sealer to dry thoroughly according to the drying times indicated by Pure & Original.

Canvas Marrakech Walls Huizedop Pure & Original
Marrakech Walls Canvas

Licetto washable wall paint in the beige colour Canvas

We tackled another wall in this beige paint! The wall around the windows could also use a colour and we also painted it in the colour Canvas. First we applied another layer of WallPrim Pro and then we used the Licetto washable wall paint. The paint is washable after two weeks and is ultra matte! You simply apply this paint with a roller and it does not require any special treatment. Ideal!

The result of this make-over is really beautiful! It’s always exciting and waiting to see how it turns out, but I’m really happy with this result. The kitchen has been given a much warmer look and the concrete-look back wall has also become great. Also very nice in combination with the wagon part that we have hanging on the wall. We used to have two shelves, but I now opted for 1. The space could use a bit more peace and quiet

I’m very curious what you think of the result!

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Love, Judith

By Judith Doppenberg

Blogger bij Huizedop.

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