New paint colours at HUIZEDOP

With a new start, come new paint colours! For the next 1 to 1.5 years, I will be living in a rented house until my new home is ready. Of course, I want to create a cosy home in my temporary home too, so I made a colour plan! We tend to choose the same colours because it feels familiar, we know how the colours will turn out and it’s nice and safe. But… why not tickle yourself a bit and opt for different paint colours?


The new colour palette

I decided to go for something new, but within earth tones. Colour can be very beautiful, but I feel at home in an interior consisting of earth tones and natural materials. Within this range, you still have many choices, especially at Pure & Original. They have a huge selection of natural tones within their colour card.

It was therefore quite a challenge to choose the right colours. It’s exciting for me too every time, especially when you start working with colours you haven’t worked with before. HUIZEDOP is known for its dark walls and the colour Slate Grey has always been my favourite. And still is, yet you don’t see it in my interiors anymore. I literally and figuratively opted for a new, fresh start and went for lighter colours on the wall.

Brown is the new grey and so I looked in that corner. I looked at many colours, but my eye was drawn to Mexican Sand. A beautiful shade of brown! And yes, it was exciting because I love brown, but how does it turn out on a wall? You won’t know until you’ve done it so hop, let’s do it!

Mexican Sand

I applied the paint colour Mexican Sand on the wall behind the bench, as well as two corners. The corner towards the kitchen and the wall where the front windows are. As there would be light curtains, I thought this would give a very nice and warm contrast.

At Pure & Original you have many types of paint, each giving a different look. For instance, there is washable paint (Licetto) and Marrakech Walls, which can be used to create a tough concrete look, but also Classico paint. This is a very nice base paint that is ultra-matte. For the hallway or kitchen, I would have used Licetto, but these walls don’t suffer much so it became the Classico. A very fine wall paint that covers very well and works very nicely.

I got to work and when the first coat was on, I was excited, but also really had to get used to it. The living room was still completely bare, it still had an ugly floor and everything else was white. Quite difficult to visualise the overall picture, but I was confident, so I simply carried out my plan and applied the second layer of Classico.

In the days that followed, I became more and more enthusiastic and even friends who came to help thought it was a beautiful, warm colour. Mission accomplished!


Organic Paper

For the other walls in the living room/kitchen, I chose a new colour in Pure & Original’s colour chart, namely Organic Paper. A fantastic, light beige shade that you could very well use as a base colour throughout your home. It really is an insanely beautiful colour!

On the long wall, I worked with Fresco chalk paint. Although I have been working with Pure & Original paint for years, I had never worked with Fresco before and I was very curious about it.

With lime paint, the darker the colour, the more effect you see. Organic Paper is a light paint colour so the effect is very subtle. Beautiful I think! By the way, the advantage of Fresco lime paint is that your wall does not have to be mirror-smooth. The walls in this house have a small grain here and there, so they are not suitable for Marrakech Walls, but they are suitable for Fresco lime paint.

Step 1 is to apply a layer of WallPrim Pro. This is mixed in the colour of the Fresco lime paint and applied with a roller. After it has dried well, you can start working with the Fresco Lime Paint.

I applied it with Pure & Original’s Fresco Pro Lime Brush and applied the paint criss-cross. You can also choose to brush from top to bottom. Then you get a “stripe effect” on your wall. If you brush in all directions as I did, you get a cloudy effect. The result is really insanely beautiful! The colour is fantastic and the effect of the Fresco chalk paint is very subtle, but definitely present enough to see some movement on the wall. So I’m really excited about this lime paint and have another Pure & Original favourite!

I also painted the wall that houses the French doors in Organic Paper, but here I used the Classico paint again. Beautiful!

The complete puzzel

After all the walls were painted, the decorating could begin and the puzzle became complete. Wow… it turned out so insanely beautiful! As I described above, I was quite excited to choose a new colour palette for the walls, but it turned out so fantastically. Everything blends and matches and despite there not being a dark wall to be found, it still feels like HUIZEDOP.

I am extremely curious to know what you think of the result so super nice if you leave a comment below.

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Love, Judith

By Judith Doppenberg

Blogger bij Huizedop.

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