How to choose the right colour white for your interior

Even though we love colour, a beautiful shade of white can serve as the perfect base. One colour of white is certainly not the other and, as a result, it can take a while to find the right wall colour for your interior. This is because the final wall colour is influenced by the daylight in a room. In this blog, Judith from Huizedop tells you more about this so you can determine the best colour white for your interior without a doubt.

The influence of daylight on paint colours

During the day, light changes in the house. Because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the incidence of light changes throughout the day. South-facing rooms receive the most daylight and literally and figuratively more warmth from the (sunlight). North-facing spaces receive the least light and also cooler light. This information is important when determining the right colour white.


White for south-facing rooms

As mentioned above, a south-facing room is much warmer in colour due to the amount of daylight coming in. If you choose a white paint colour with a yellow undertone, this effect will be intensified and appear yellowish and stale. Therefore, it is important to choose a paint colour with a blue undertone. This will balance the warmth making it a fresh white colour.

Examples of white paint colours with a blue undertone are: Milk White, White, Silk White, Mineral White, Chalk White, Sea Salt:


White wall paint for north-facing rooms

Rooms with daylight from the north receive mostly cool light, so here you want to add warmth so as not to intensify the coolness. You do this by choosing white paint colours with a yellow or red undertone. Pure & Original offers many of these colours. White paint colours with a red undertone are White Orchid, Natural Rice:


White paint colours with a yellow undertone are Warm White, Island White, Lava White:



Which white wall colour for my interior?

The choice is vast and there are many different shades of white as explained above. So how do you choose the perfect white colour for your interior? The best tip is to hang a colour sample in the room you want to paint (a colour sample is available at Pure & Original resellers). Leave it hanging for a few days so you can observe what the light does to the colour during the day. For example, during the morning, afternoon and evening, see how the colour reacts to the light.

It is also advisable to hang 2 or 3 colours so you can compare them properly with each other.

Different types of paint and structures

Almost every Pure & Original paint colour is available in different paint types. Think chalk-based paint, washable wallpaint, lacquer paint and also concrete-look paint with beautiful colour shades.

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Love, Judith

By Judith Doppenberg

Blogger bij Huizedop.

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