3 ways to protect your painted wall against moisture and dirt

There it is, your freshly painted wall! After a well-considered choice for a type of paint and paint colour and a few hours of hands-on work, you are ready to see the end result. Of course you want to be able to enjoy the end result for as long as possible. However, some types of paint are more fragile than others and therefore more sensitive to moisture and dirt. This is often the case with mineral paints such as lime paint. Of course there is a solution for this! You can choose from different types of finishes that help protect your wall. There are several options in finishing finishes such as:

1. Dead Flat Eco Sealer
2.Italian Wax
3. Lime Soap

These finishes not only help to protect the wall, but can also provide a certain appearance such as a high-gloss tadelakt look or can deepen the colour.

Protect wall paint with a sealer

You can make the wall washable with a sealer such as the Pure & Original Dead Flat Eco Sealer. Ideal for when you want to apply Fresco lime paint or Marrakech Walls in the kitchen or bathroom, children’s room or hallway. The Dead Flat Eco Sealer has a matte finish so that the appearance of a matte wall paint such as chalk paint or lime paint is not lost.

Protect wall paint with a wax

Another option to protect your freshly painted wall is to treat it with a transparent wax such as Italian Wax. This is a natural wax that deepens the colours and colour nuances. Are you a fan of the high-gloss tadelakt look? You create this with several polished layers, which also makes the surface water-repellent.

Protect porous wall paint with lime soap

Do you work with a porous wall paint such as lime paint? And do you want to saturate it to make the colour fuller and make the surface slightly water-repellent? Then choose Lime Soap, a natural lime soap. Lime Soap makes the wall very easy to maintain and use. In addition to a fuller colour and maintenance benefits, Lime Soap provides a finish with a soft, subtle shine.


Options to protect a painted wall

In the table below we have briefly summarized the various options for protecting your wall:

Overview paint finishes

Washable wall paint

Do you prefer a wall paint with a solid appearance? And do you want to use it in a room where you have to deal with a lot of moisture and dirt, such as the kitchen, bathroom, toilet or hall? Then a washable wall paint such as Licetto is perfect for you. This wall paint has a matte solid appearance and is easy to clean with a damp cloth. In addition, this wall paint remains matte, even after a lot of scrubbing.


Advice on protecting your wall

Do you find it difficult to choose from the different finishing finishes? Then visit one of our resellers for professional advice.



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