Garden room mini make-over with paint

The garden room is a really nice place in our garden and especially in spring and autumn I enjoy it here.

When we moved in, we built a large porch measuring 7x3 metres and two years ago we divided it into a part that we can close off with a sliding glass wall and an open part.

The atmosphere in the garden room

Unlike our interior inside, the garden room is very bright and has a Mediterranean feel. I like dark colours at home, but outside it can be nice and light. The stone wall is a huge eye-catcher in the room and immediately puts you in southern Europe. Two years ago, we had beton ciré installed on the other two walls. However, from day one I had doubts about the colour. It was a bit grey and the garden room didn’t have the fresh look I had in mind. I looked at it for two years, but still came to the conclusion that it had to be painted. Naturally, I set to work with Pure & Original paint.


Which paint colour for the garden room?

Pure & Original has a huge colour card so there is always a suitable colour to be found. Of course, the challenge is always to choose the right one. This is always exciting for me too!

After looking at the colour card thoroughly I was left with two colours, Canvas and Bone. I hung both colour swatches in the room and held them next to the stone wall. Then it became clear, it had to be the colour Bone! This colour gives exactly the freshness and contrast I was looking for. It is a beautiful shade that you could also use very well as a base in a light interior.

Canvas is more of a beige colour that we used in the kitchen and on the bedroom ceiling. Also absolutely a beautiful colour, but not for our garden room.


What paint did we use for the garden room?

Our garden room is not insulated so it can get damp. So you can’t just use ordinary latex here because it will cause mould.

A paint that is perfect for use in the bathroom, kitchen, but also outdoors is Licetto. It is also a wall paint that is washable. Before applying Licetto, it is wise to first apply a primer, WallPrim Pro. This makes the wall less absorbent and because it is mixed by colour, you already have one coat in the right colour.

By the time I had done both walls, the primer was dry and I could continue with Licetto straight away. The job was done in a few hours and how happy I am with the result! The garden room now has exactly the fresh look I had in mind.

Licetto Bone Judith Doppenberg Pure & Original
Licetto Bone
Credits: Judith Doppenberg

Painting the canopy

I also painted the light wall in the open part of the veranda to create unity in both areas. Here we did not put cement fibre boards against the woodwork, so here we used paint that is suitable for wood (and metal).

I first painted the woodwork with a primer, OmniPrim Pro, and then finished it with Traditional Paint Eggshell lacquer paint. This silk gloss paint can be used both indoors and outdoors, so in this case it was ideal for the open part of the veranda.

Once the paint was dry, we could start decorating again and here is the result!

By the way, if you would like advice on Pure & Original paint and which paint is most suitable for which job, you can always visit a dealer in your area.

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Love, Judith

By Judith Doppenberg

Blogger bij Huizedop.

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