Marrakech Walls - concrete look wallpaint

Information Marrakech Walls concrete look

  • Water based
  • Coloured with natural and organic pigments
  • Chalk matte to high-gloss
  • Colour nuances
  • 100% mineral
  • Very environmentally friendly
  • 100% recyclable
  • High coverage
  • Water vapour permeable
  • VOC free
  • Solvent free
  • Tension free
  • No synthetic binders
  • Bacteria and mold repellent
  • Non-flammable
  • Little to no odour

  • Indoors

Applicable to:
  • (New) plastered walls
  • Painted walls
  • (Non-woven) wallpaper
And more, view the technical information for all applicable surfaces.
With the Marrakech Walls you give the walls a sturdy concrete look. A cool or a luxurious atmosphere in your home. The choice is yours.

When applying the paint, you can achieve different results in various ways:


  • A finish with subtle colour nuance with one layer of Marrakech Walls.
  • Extra-depth and relief with two layers of Marrakech Walls.
  • Tadelakt looks with soft shine when finished with Lime Soap or in high gloss with Italian Wax .
  • Water-repellent and washable after saturation with the Dead Flat Eco Sealer .
  • A super high gloss by using Italian Wax .

Also, there are many other options. The technique used influences the final colour, appearance, shine and structure

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Keuken met lichtblauwe betonlook op de wand en donkergroene keukenkastjes
Marrakech Walls Evening Shadow | Muk van Lil

Concrete look paint in the bathroom and kitchen

If the Marrakech Walls is finished with a sealer, such as the Dead Flat Eco Sealer, Lime Soap or Italian Wax, you protect the paint against moisture and splashes. This makes the paint easy to apply in damp rooms, or where you regularly want to wipe a damp cloth over the wall, such as in the kitchen. It is not recommended to apply Marrakech Walls in places with a lot of direct water contact, such as in the shower.
Eetkamer met grijze betonlook op de wand, houten tafel en leren stoelen
Marrakech Walls Tin Kettle

Apply concrete look paint

A concrete look, rough and tough, full of contrast and colour nuances. You can easily make that yourself with Marrakech Walls. You can apply the paint as soft or coarse as you want, depending on which look you are looking for. Read all instructions such as drying times, surfaces and yield in the technical data sheet at the bottom of this page.
beige betonlook muur met houten bankje ervoor en zwarte accessoires
Marrakech Walls Oyster Grey

Concrete look walls and ceiling

Marrakech Walls concrete look paint is suitable for painting both walls and ceilings. Whether you want to give a new-build house, an old farm or an apartment in the city a tough look, everything is possible.
Earth Stone marrakech Walls woonkamer livingroom Pure & Original
Marrakech Walls Earth Stone | Sabine Lamet

Paint over concrete look paint

Marrakech Walls can easily be painted over with any other type of paint such as chalk paint, lime paint, latex or lime matte wall paint. You can read how to do this in the technical sheet at the bottom of this page.
Polar Blue Marrakech Walls keuken kitchen Pure & Original tadelakt look
Marrakech Walls Polar Blue

Marrakech Walls Tadelakt look

You can create a tough concrete look with Marrakech Walls, but a lot more besides! Choose one of dozens of colours for a unique wall finish in sun-kissed yellow, deep midnight blue, intense green or romantic pink.
Kleuren brochure pure & original betonlook

Pure & Original concrete look colours

View the paint colour card in grey tones to choose your favorite colour concrete look.
Geschikte kwast, spatel en andere gereedschappen om marrakech walls betonlook mee aan te brengen Pur

Required paint supplies

Would you like to apply Marrakech Walls from Pure & Original? Then ensure the best results with the brushes and Marrakech Walls spatula from Pure & Original. The non-paint range is available at our resellers.

You apply Marrakech Walls with a round, flat or block brush, and then finish it with the Marrakech Walls spatula. The Marrakech Walls spatula ensures that you can create that unique tadelakt or concrete look.


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Pure & Original verfblik 2,5 liter

The Pure & Original can

Would you like to start working with lime paint from Pure & Original? Avoid disappointment and buy your paint at one of our resellers, and don’t let another paint be coloured with our colours. 
The quality, abilities and look and feel of our paints can only be achieved with our own base and pigments. Replacing one of these elements with another brand, and the results will not be the same. 

To be sure you buy our product, it has to be colourd and sold in the original Pure & Original can.
Pure & Original - Marrakech Walls