Colour Collection

Be inspired by colours in a new perspective and new combination as you have never seen before! We present.. our ‘Colour collection’!

Homes in various styles are transformed into a true colour explosion, without the overload, without the crowd. A calm interior full of depth is created by using the right colours on the right places, in the right combination. 

The home is a reflection of the people who live in it, place your heart in the interior and it will come to life. White walls and ceilings are a no-go in these collections, do you dear to go ‘Colour Collection’ all the way? 
colour collection classico hop

Upside Down

A Victorian home in London was provided by a true color explosion! The mix of Victorian and modern elements of the extension make it a collection that turns everything upside down. “Every room has a little surprise. I won't let you know what, but if you study the photos carefully, you can probably recognize them. "
- Dagny Thurmann-Moe

The house is painted in beautiful full shades from yellow to blue, from green to pink.

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Pure & Original green and blue tints
Colour Collection - Cosmopolitian Chique

Cosmopolitan Chique

A classic apartment in the centre of Oslo is transformed into a true colour-paradise. Be embraced by warmth, a harmony of versatile colours which invite you to come in, from wherever you are.

The apartment is decorated with rich tints in a width spectrum of green and blue all the way up to pink, purple and red.

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Colour blocking in the livingroom
Pure & Original The Neomodernist Colour Collection

The Neomodernist

Be inspired by the ’30s! Colour blocking is thé trend for every modern interior. Coloured ceilings, dark high gloss doors and design furniture, it’ s all there. 

Tints such as orange, blue, black and yellow are leading in this collection.

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