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Autumn- Winter colours 2020 - 2021

Light the candles again, relax on the couch with a hot cup of tea or chocolate milk and enjoy the beauty of autumn and winter.

Country Blue
Dream away in an endless stream of thoughts. Calm and serene, but full bodied.

Dark Secret
Let the darkness embrace you, you are safe here. Tender and soft, as if it had always been that way.

Majestic Cloth
Fabric so full and soft, it envelops you with all its voluminous folds and envelops you completely in richness.

Old Rose
As soon as the roses wither, new dimensions arise. Leaves wither and strong colors fade to paler, grayish versions. There is room for new possibilities.

Old Wine
A good glass of wine is like a strong character. Floral, inspiring and soft. It takes you to new undiscovered areas.

Provincial Gold
Lovers, flowers, the sun and sand between your toes. It may seem simple, but memories are invaluable. Cherish them and keep them close.

Silver Screen
See the sand glitter like silver, a beach full of mother nature's beautiful jewels.

Powerful and earthy, strong as a stone, yet open and accessible at the same time. An age-old tradition of creating that lives with you.
Silver Screen Pure & Original
Provincial Gold Pure & Original
Terracotta Pure & Original
Dark Secret Pure & Original
Country Blue Pure and Original
Majestic Cloth Pure & Original
Old Rose Pure & Original
Old Wine Pure & Original

What is the difference between synthetic and natural pigments?

All our shades are coloured with 100% mineral pigments. These natural pigments give, in combination with the natural base of the paint, the beautiful, deep colour we all seak. So deep, you could get lost in it. It feels like that warm, comfortable blanket waiting for you after a long day. 

One very special thing about paint with natural colours, is that it seems that the colours could change. They fit into the combination you make. So could a synthetic warm green and cold blue be a total no-match, but with the shades from Pure & Original, this will be not a problem at all!
All colours fit together perfectly. 

Imagin it as being a field bouquet, or a shelf with colourd wool sweaters. All the shades combine perfectly together. Nothing is too crazy. 
Now, put your field bouquet into a plastic cup, or put a piece of synthetic fabric on top of the sweaters. And it all falls apart.
This is the reason that natural materials fit so good together. They adapt. Whatever combination you make. 

So, don’t be afraid of a bit of colour! What is your combination? 
Marrakech Walls Provincial Gold in the livingroomBRSH

Where to buy Pure & Original paints

You can buy the paints from Pure & Original in stores all over the world. To find a dealer near you, visit our dealerpage. Here, you find an overview with all our dealers in your country, and other countries we are active. 

Star dealers have all paint qualities in stock. You walk out of the door with inspiration ánd paint! Not sure about your decision yet? You are always welcome to visit our dealers to ask for advice and to see some samples. 

Please note!

A computer screen cannot give a reliable display of the colors. The colours on our colour chart are authentic, hand-painted colours in Classico chalk-based paint.

Fresco Lime paint and Marrakech Walls have specific colour nuances to them, which makes the finish unique. Due to a large amount of lime in these 100% mineral paints, colours tend to turn out a bit lighter, in general, than on the hand-painted colour chart.

Interior inspiration

Getting curious what you all can realize with the paints from Pure & Original? 

If you like to be inspired by colour, take a look at our moodboards. Here, you find some very nice moodboards in various styles with colour schemes. These moodboards could help you find your own interior style and colours. 

We also have realised some amazing projects, you can see at our ‘inspiring houses’-page. Be amazed by the most beautiful family-homes, apartments and projects. 

Or take a look at our gallery to see how our paints are applied. Selected at paint quality and space. For example, take a look at ‘living room’, ‘bedroom’, ‘Fresco lime paint’ or ‘Classico chalk-based paint’.

Be inspired!
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