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Please note!

A computer screen cannot give a reliable display of the colors. The colours on our colour chart are authentic, hand-painted colours in Classico chalk-based paint.

Fresco Lime paint and Marrakech Walls have specific colour nuances to them, which makes the finish unique. Due to a large amount of lime in these 100% mineral paints, colours tend to turn out a bit lighter, in general, than on the hand-painted colour chart.

We would like to thank everyone who provided an image to be used in our colour chart.
picture: Paul Buskens
Home interiors by Agnes
picture: Home interiors by Agnes
De Potstal
picture: De Potstal
J. Samyn Decoreren Landelijke Stijl
picture: J. Samyn DLS
De Potstal
picture: De Potstal
De Potstal
foto: De Potstal
L. Goetschalckx Wonen Landelijke Stijl
picture: L. Goetschalckx WLS
De Potstal
picture: De Potstal
Colour chart Pure & Original
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It is very easy: Click the + (plus) sign right on top of the colour and it is added directly to the colour selector on the left of your screen. To remove a colour, click again on the - (minus) sign.


To view your selected colours, click on the colour selector button. You can save your selection or even print it, so you can easily show it to your dealer!