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Fresco - lime paint

Information Fresco lime paint

  • Water based
  • Coloured with natural and organic pigments
  • Chalk matte effect
  • Colour nuances
  • Very environmentally friendly
  • 100% recyclable
  • High coverage
  • Water vapour permeable
  • VOC free
  • Solvent free
  • Tension free
  • No synthetic binders
  • Bacteria and mold repellent
  • Non-flammable
  • Little to no odour

  • Indoors

Applicable to:
  • Painted walls
  • Newly plastered walls
  • (Non-woven) wallpaper
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Fresco is a 100% mineral and very environmentally friendly lime paint. The appearance is determined by the method of application and the conditions under which the paint is applied.

Lime paint is bacteria and fungus resistant, air purifying, hygienic, CO2 absorbent and absorbs nitrogen gases.

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Bathroom with lime paint in grey blue colour. Gold shower, classic bath and palm plant
Fresco Oxford Blue

Lime paint in the bathroom and kitchen

Lime paint is breathable, mould and bacteria resistant and is therefore extremely suitable for the bathroom and kitchen.

Thanks to the lime paint’s breathable character of the lime paint, it can absorb the excess moisture in the air and release it as soon as the humidity drops. This characteristic improves the living conditions and moisture problems, such as fungi and bacteria, are less likely.

Because Fresco has an open structure and does not close the wall, it isn’t easy to clean. You could, however, carefully dust the wall with a clean, non-greasy duster. However, we recommend leaving the wall as-is unless it is essential. Because lime paint is sensitive to water, it is not possible to clean a spot. If you want to be albe to clean lime paint and protect it against moisture, we recommend the use of Dead Flat Eco Sealer. You can also choose a different finish such as Lime Soap or Italian Wax.
Vrouw in de keuken met theepot, grijze hanglampen en blauw grijze wand met kalkverf in de kleur Blue
Fresco Blue Stone

Lime paint on orange-peel, textured walls

Do you have texture, such as orange-peel, on the wall? Flattening is an option, or leave it as-is! You can easily apply Fresco lime paint to a textured wall such as orange-peel. The texture, together with the lime paint, gives a special effect to the wall.

The method is similar than on a standard wall. The textured wall may require a little more paint because you are painting a 3D object. The texture makes it difficult to paint in stripes. That is why it's best to apply the "criss-cross" method. This technique will create a cloudy effect.

Colour nuances can be slightly less than on a flat wall. Because the light nuances may disappear slightly, the colours will show full and warm. The structure has an almost velvety effect on the wall.
Fresco Moonstone

Can you paint over lime paint?

A question that concerns many lovers of lime paints is whether the paint can be painted over. Yes! After drying, Fresco can be repainted immediately with a new layer of Fresco. Do you want to paint over lime paint with latex or another type of paint? First apply at least one layer of Fresco Special Fix.
Schema verschil kalkverf en kalkmat

What is the difference between lime paint and lime matt?

The difference between lime matt and lime paint is elementary. Lime paint is a paint based on lime, so it is a type of stain. Lime matt is as matte as lime paint but is not lime-based and does not show unique properties like colour nuances, moisture regulating properties, and mould prevention.

Slaapkamer met donker blauwe kalkverf wanden en kleurrijk geel beddengoed
Fresco Steel Blue

Sustainable and circular paint

During the drying process of lime paint, water and lime combine to form a stone mass. CO2 is an

essential ingredient to complete this process. Lime paint absorbs the CO2 out of the air and has the same function as trees in nature: reducing the amount of CO2 in the room.

Lime paint is 100% recyclable and is, therefore, a circular paint. Also, lime paint is breathable, bacteria and fungus resistant, air purifying, and absorbs nitrogen gases.

Fresco Belgian Wilderness | Mjolk

The history of Lime paint

Lime paint is one of the most authentic types of paint. It has been around for hundreds of years and is traditionally made by Pure & Original in a wide range of beautiful colours.

Water mixed with slaked lime has been a practical solution for protecting and decorating walls for centuries. In certain Europe regions, farmers applied lime paint to the stables every year around Easter to disinfect them and protect them from moisture. Lime paint prevents closing the pores of the surface, creating a breathable character. Lime paint is mainly used today as a decorative wall finish.

Visit one of our resellers showrooms. They have applied all types of paint, including the Fresco lime paint, on walls. You can immediately experience the appearance and atmosphere.

How to apply Lime paint?

It is not possible to apply lime-paint by a roller. Pure & Original recommends applying Fresco lime paint with the special Fresco Pro Lime Brush. The Fresco Pro Lime Brush is a 100% Chinese pig-haired block brush, 3x12 cm. The long strands will provide a reliable structure to the paint and a textured effect.

In addition to using the block brush, you can also choose to apply lime paint with a clean, grease-free cotton cloth. By moving the cloth over the wall in loose movements you rub the lime paint on it, as it were, this gives a unique look. Worth a try!

It is not possible to apply lime paint airless. The manual movement is essential to provide the paint structure and do justice to the nuances. If you want to paint airless, it is better to choose wall paint with an even finish, such as chalk paint.

Do you have to dilute lime paint? And how do you achieve the nuances in lime paint?

It is not necessary to dilute Fresco. Because Fresco is a natural product, the thickness of the paint will differ depending on the colour. The first layer can show strong colour nuances, which soften after applying the second layer.

The nuances in lime paint arise naturally; these are the result of ingedrients of which the paint is made of, the lime component plays a significant role. If you want extra nuances, or even want to play with a more artistic look like an ombre effect, for example, you can layer different colours of lime paint on top of each other. But you don't have to do anything special for a "normal" lime paint wall. The colour nuances will be more visible in a dark colour then they will be in a light colour. 

Fresco Bohemian Vintage

Advantages and disadvantages of lime paint

Lime paint from Pure & Original is a sustainable paint made authentically by people with a passion for the profession. The paint is 100% mineral and coloured with 100% natural and organic pigments, so environmentally friendly. The appearance is ultra matte; your walls will get a ‘weathered’ look that becomes more beautiful and beautiful as time passes.

Fresco lime paint from Pure & Original is:
  • Non-combustible, mould and moss resistant.
  • Prevents moisture problems, breathes and does not close the wall.
  • Showing an exquisite and unique appearance.

Fresco also does not release lime paint.

Despite the many advantages of lime paint, it also has limitations:
  • Painting over is possible by applying a layer of Pure & Original Fresco Special Fix before applying a differrent type of paint.
  • Local touch up is difficult and will cause an immediate colour difference.
  • Lime paint is very open and therefore absorbs water and grease quickly. When used in the kitchen and bathroom, it is advisable to apply a sealer for protection.
Geschikte kwast en andere gereedschappen om fresco kalkverf mee aan te brengen Pure & Original

Required paint supplies

Would you like to apply Pure & Original lime paint? Then ensure the best result with the brushes and rollers from Pure & Original. The non-paint range is available at our resellers.

You apply Fresco with the Fresco Pro Lime Brush. This block brush can be used with all water-based paint products and is ideal for painting large surfaces and decorative painting techniques such as Fresco.


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fresco can blik pure original 2,5l

The Pure & Original can

Would you like to start working with lime paint from Pure & Original? Avoid disappointment, buy your paint at one of our resellers, and don’t let other paint types tint with our colours. Only the original base and pigments can achieve our paints’ quality, abilities, look and fel. Replacing one of these elements with another brand, and the results will not be the same.

To be sure you buy our product, it has to be colourd and sold in the original Pure & Original can.
Technical information Fresco
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