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Kalei, facade paint

Kalei or kaleien is a special technique in between plastering and painting. This ancient technique has been used for hundreds of years. Kalei is widely used in renovation projects, but it is also perfectly applicable for new homes. It gives your home a very beautiful and inviting appearance.

Kalei is a durable, rain and weather-resistant treatment in which the substrate (masonry), the joint and stone, will appear softer and with less visible structure. Traditionally, Kalei was applied in many layers to achieve this particular effect. The Pure & Original Kalei is ready-mixed, smooth and easy to apply with the Pure & Original Kalei brush. There is no need for difficult, time-consuming application and no special topcoats are required.

Pure & Original offers two types of Kalei:

  • Quartz Kalei (contains granules of quartz stone)
  • Calx Kalei (smooth and chalk-matt)


If you like an old, weathered look, then you may apply the Quartz Kalei with a top layer of Fresco lime paint.

Applying Kalei faade paint

Traditional Kalei products are usually offered in a dry, powdered form. You need to mix this powder with water and colour pigments yourself. This is a difficult task because all the materials have to be 100% identical to prevent colour differences and other abnormalities.

Pure & Original Kalei Façade Paint is unique in that the paint is ready to use and easy to apply. There is no mess with mixing water, powder and pigments by yourself. Our Kalei is ready to go!

As with every façade paint, it is standard to first clean the surface and remove all of the moss, greens and loose particles on the façade. To reduce the absorbsion of the paint, you may apply one coat of Pure & Original WallFix. If the absorption is “extreme” or the substrate is very dusty, use our Fresco SpecialFix. Apply 1-2 layers of Kalei Façade Paint with the Pure & Original Kalei brush.
Applying Pure & Original Kalei

Calx Kalei

Pure & Original Calx Kalei is a water-soluble façade paint without additional structure (i.e. quartz granules). It is a smooth paint that gives the facade a chalk-matt effect.

Calx Kalei is a highly durable and moisture-regulating coating for the façade. The paint keeps the surface permanently dry to a maximum depth.


Pure & Original Calx Kalei:

  • Is highly water vapour-permeable
  • Is self-cleaning
  • Resists greenery blemishes (i.e. is mold and moss-resistant)
  • Provides a chalk-matt finish
  • May give a pearlized effect
  • Is not film-forming

The Calx Kalei Façade Paint is often applied for façades where a high dirt-repellent or water vapor-permeable wall paint is required. Also, this type of paint is extremely suitable as a protective layer for new and old Kalei paint.


Applying Calx Kalei

Before applying the Quartz Kalei Façade Paint, it is important to prepare the surface.

Remove all surface contamination and moss by cleaning with a suitable cleaning product. Then rinse off the wall and let it dry.


Apply the paint with a Kalei brush for a natural look. Thinning is usually not required.

For the best results, it is important not to paint in direct sunlight.

Quartz Kalei

Pure & Original Quartz Kalei is a water-dilutable façade paint in which small quartz stones are processed. This gives the façade a somewhat coarser appearance.

Quartz Kalei is a façade coating of the best quality, made with 100% natural pigments. The paint is specially designed for façades.


Pure & Original Quartz Kalei:

  • Is practically odourless
  • Adheres well to painted surfaces
  • Will not discolor or yellow over time (even when moisture is present)
  • Is breathable
  • Is paintable
  • Is dilutable with water
  • Includes IN-FILM anti-green system
  • Has a 10-year life

Kalei is widely applied to concrete panels, cement, brick and wood panels. It is also very suitable for plastering and façade renovations.


Applying Quartz Kalei

Before applying the Quartz Kalei façade paint, it is important that you treat the surface well.

Remove all surface contamination and moss, by cleaning with a suitable cleaning product. Then rinse off the wall and let dry.


Apply the paint with a Kalei brush for a natural look. Thinning is not normally required.

For best results, it is important to not paint in direct sunlight.

Calx Kalei in the colour Majestic Cloth
Calx Kalei Warm White and Warm Grey

What is Kalei facade paint?

Kalei, or kaleien, is a technique between painting and paster. 
This old technique has been used for over a hundred years. Kalei is mostly used in restorations, but is also perfect for new construction homes. It gives the house a very special appearance.

Kalei is a paint which softens the surface. Stones, gabs and the structure on the surface will be less noticeable. In a sustainable way, the surface will be less affected by the weather and rain. Years ago, you needed multiple layers of Kalei to get this effect, but with Pure & Original Calx or Quartz Kalei 2 layers will do for a nice covering result. 

Ready-made facade paint

You are orientating on a nice façade paint. Otherwise, you would not read this page so far. 
So, probably, you already have seen that most Kalei is sold as a powder. You have to mix it yourself with water and colour pigments. A difficult job to get the Kalei identical to the colour you desire. 

The start by creating Pure & Original paints, is that it has to be easy. Ready to use and easy to apply. So is our Kalei as well. No mess with water and pigments. 

Preparing the facade

For every façade paint, it is needed to work with a clean surface. This means the façade must be cleaned, moss or other green and loose parts must be removed.

To prevent suction, it is a possibility to apply one layer of Pure & Original WallFix, before applying Kalei. When the suction is ‘extreme’ of the surface is very powdery, use Fresco SpecialFix. After this, apply 2 layers Kalei with the Pure & Original Kalei brush.
Applying Pure & Original Kalei facade paint
The Pure & Original can

The Pure & Original can

Would you like to start working with lime paint from Pure & Original? Avoid disappointment and buy your paint at one of our dealers, and don’t let another paint be coloured with our colours. 
The quality, abilities and look and feel of our paints can only be achieved with our own base and pigments. Replacing one of these elements with another brand, and the results will not be the same. 

To be sure you buy our product, it has to be colourd and sold in the original Pure & Original can.