Kalei - Facade paint

Information Kalei facade paint

  • Water based
  • Coloured with natural and organic pigments
  • Chalk matte effect
  • Smooth
  • Can be painted over perfectly after application
  • Suitable as plasterer work
  • Suitable as facade renovation

  • Indoors and outdoors

Applicable to:
  • Plastered walls
  • Painted walls
  • Brick
  • Concrete panels
  • Cement
  • Wood panels

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Kalei is a durable, rain and weather-resistant treatment in which the substrate (masonry), the joint and stone, will appear softer and with less visible structure. Traditionally, Kalei was applied in many layers to achieve this particular effect. The Pure & Original Kalei is ready-mixed, smooth and easy to apply with the Pure & Original Kalei brush. There is no need for difficult, time-consuming application and no special topcoats are required.

Pure & Original offers two types of Kalei:

  • Quartz Kalei (contains granules of quartz stone)
  • Calx Kalei (smooth and chalk-matt)

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Moderne villa met witte strak gestuukte buitengevel in het groen
Quartz Kalei Mineral White | Tessa Francesca

Ready-made facade paint

You are orientating on a special façade paint. So, probably, you already have seen that most Kalei finishes are sold as a powder. You have to mix it yourself with water and colour pigments—it's challenging to achieve the Kalei identical to the colour you desire. 

Pure & Original paints' policy is that it has to be ready to use and easy to apply. So is our Kalei as well. No mess with water and pigments. 
Buitengevel met rode bakstenen schilderen met witte Kalei gevelverf
Calx Kalei Coffee Cream | Di Alma

What is Kalei facade paint?

Kalei, or "kaleien", is a technique between painting and paster. 
This old technique has been used for over a hundred years. Kalei is mostly used in restorations but is also perfect for new construction homes. It gives the house an extraordinary appearance.

Kalei is a paint which softens the surface. Stones, gabs and the structure on the surface will be less noticeable. In a sustainable way, the surface will be less affected by the weather and rain. Years ago, you needed multiple layers of Kalei to get this effect, but with Pure & Original Calx or Quartz Kalei, two layers will do for an excellent covering result. 
Technical information Quartz Kalei

Information Quartz Kalei

  • Matte
  • Light structure
  • Practically odorless
  • Very good alkali resistance
  • Very good moisture resistance
  • Slightly fixed, so no yellowing
  • Green resistant

And more, view the technical information for all applicable surfaces.
Pure & Original Quartz Kalei is a water-dilutable facade paint in which small quartz stones are processed, this gives the facade a somewhat coarser appearance.
Quartz Kalei is a high-quality facade coating with 100% natural and organic pigments. The paint has been specially developed for exterior walls.
Technical information Calx Kalei

Information Calx Kalei

  • Lime mat
  • Self cleaning
  • Green resistant
  • Very good moisture resistance
  • No discoloration with moisture
  • Pearl effect

And more, view the technical information for all applicable surfaces.
Pure & Original Calx Kalei is a water-dilutable facade paint without structure.
It is a smooth paint that gives the facade a soft look. Calx Kalei is an extremely durable and moisture-regulating protective layer for the facade. The facade paint keeps the substrate permanently dry to a maximum depth.

The Calx Kalei facade paint is mainly used for facades where a highly dirt-repellent or water vapour permeable facade paint is required. This type of paint is also extremely suitable as a protective layer for new and old limestone paint.
Pure & Original - Kalei
Pure & Original - Kalei kwast
benodigde kwasten en gereedschappen voor het aanbrengen van kalei gevelverf van Pure & Original

Required paint supplies

Would you like to apply Pure & Original lime paint? Then ensure the best result with the brushes and rollers from Pure & Original. The non-paint range is available at our resellers.

Apply Kalei with a Kalei brush. This block brush contains a mix of different types of fibers that ensure good paint absorption and provide the typical authentic bare-stone structure.


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kalei gevelverf verfblik pure & original 2,5 liter

The Pure & Original can

Would you like to start working with Kalei from Pure & Original? Avoid disappointment, buy your paint at one of our resellers, and don’t let other paint types tint with our colours. Only the original base and pigments can achieve our paints’ quality, abilities, look and feel. Replacing one of these elements with another brand, and the results will not be the same.

To be sure you buy our product, it has to be coloured and sold in the original Pure & Original can.