Carazzo matte universal lacquer for indoors

A matte universal lacquer paint which is extremely suitable as super strong floor and stairs paint.

Universal lacquer with matte finish

Ideal for floors, stairs, doors, (kitchen) cupboards and window frames.

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Super strong universal lacquer for indoor use

Product specifications

  • 10-12 m2
  • 6 hours
  • Indoors
  • Do not dilute
  • 59 gr
  • 130 gr
  • Stir before use


Carazzo floor and staircase paint can only be used indoors.


Prepare well before you start painting. First apply a layer of OmiPrim Pro. Then apply Carazzo matte universal (floor and stairs) lacquer with a round or flat brush, roller (felt roller for water-based paint) or airless. Apply 2 coats of Carazzo and keep 2 to 3 coats for use on floors and stairs. The more thin layers are applied, the more sustainable the paint is.


Coloured with natural and organic pigments
Very environmentally friendly
High coverage
Solvent free
Tension free
No synthetic binders
Nice flow
Excellent chemical resistance
Excellent abrasion resistance
Superior matte and colour retention qualities
Scrub resistant
Scratch resistant

Applicable to

Water-based paint layers in good condition, oil-based paint layers in good condition, wooden floors and stairs, concrete and cement floors, wooden doors and frames, new woodwork in all types of wood, wooden furniture and (kitchen) cabinets.

How to apply Carazzo matte universal lacquer paint?

Getting started with Carazzo matte universal lacquer paint? Watch our instruction video for the right preparation and application!

More about Carazzo matte universal lacquer

Sustainable floor paint

For a sustainable floor, it is important that Carazzo matte universal lacquer is applied in several layers. The more layers are applied, the longer the floor will remain beautiful.

Water-based matte floor and stair varnish

In the past, oil-based lacquer was mainly used. Oil-based lacquer is strong and usually has a subtle sheen. Over the years, there have been more and more developments in the field of water-based paints, including the launch of water-based lacquers. Carazzo water-based paint is just as strong as any other oil-based paint, but much more sustainable!