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A colour palette of natural, aged wood, warm and sturdy. That’s how you can describe Judith’s style. She tells how her love for interior has really taken off.

My name is Judith Doppenberg, in 2016 I started my Instagram page Huizedop to share and find interior inspiration here. The reason was the purchase of our new home in a village in the middle of the Netherlands. I live there with my husband and daughters aged 7 and 9. Huizedop is a platform where you can get a lot of inspiration for your home. From fun home gadgets, beautiful furniture, ideas in terms of design and styling and of course we paint a lot in our house and there is also a lot of information about it on my socials: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and of course my website.

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Judith Doppenberg Huizedop Ambassadeur Pure & Original

"I really like dark walls in the house, it creates a cozy atmosphere and gives a kind of security."

Interview with Judith

Q: How did you come into contact with Pure & Original?

Judith: During the construction of our home we had an impressive gas fireplace built. I really wanted to have a dark concrete look on this. The stove company could not do this and having concrete ciré applied by a plasterer really became ridiculously expensive. So I started looking for an alternative and ended up with the Marrakech Walls from Pure & Original.

The colours are unique, but especially the quality of the paint really appeals to me. The enormous matte finish is beautiful and of course the unique colour nuances in the Marrakech Walls. There is no other type of paint that is so easy to use with which you can create this effect. But the other paints are also very nice to work with.

Q: I am curious about your favorite type of paint, although I think I can already guess.

“Can it be 2?” Judith starts laughing. Then of course I go for Marrakech Walls because of the unique effect and Classico because of the super matte finish, but also what the paint does with the colour. During the day you can see the paint colour moving with the light. Really nice to see!

My favorite colours are Slate Grey, Evening Shadow and Island White. I really like dark colours in the house. It creates a cozy atmosphere and gives a kind of security. That is why you will find a dark wall in every room and the bedroom even has 4 very dark walls. It is beautiful! “At least that’s what I think”, says Judith with a wink. Alternated with a light grey and a very light shade, this together creates a very nice colour palette in the house.