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Create a beautiful and unique stucco look on a wide variety of surfaces indoors & outdoors.

Ready-to-use mineral micro-stone paint

Massif is a mineral micro-stone paint with a unique and natural look. The paint is water-based and suitable for interior and exterior use. It has all the characteristics of a multi-component system but it is not.

Massif appeals to creativity and is the perfect way to easily give walls, ceilings but also, for example, table tops and kitchen worktops a stylish, natural look. Give your interior a personal twist with Massif.



Massif Terracotta Jan Verlinde Photography Pure & Original

A unique result with Massif

Product specifications

  • 1 m2/kg (finished product)
  • 24 hours
  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Do not dilute
  • 0 gr
  • 200 gr
  • Stir before use


Massif mineral stucco can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Make sure you prepare properly before you start painting. Then, depending on the surface, apply a coat of WallPrim Pro or OmniPrim Pro, let it dry and continue with 1 coat of Massif (rape layer of about 1mm) applied with a textured roller or brush, process this coat with the Marrakech Walls spatula. Allow the first coat to dry for 24 hours and then sand the surface with 80 – 120-grit sanding paper. For the second coat, use the Massif Spreader (Anza) and apply a thin layer with it (scraping layer of about 0.5mm).

For powdery walls, first apply a layer of WallFix. For substrates with different absorption levels, it is recommended to apply a second primer coat with WallPrim Pro to completely neutralise the substrate. This ensures an even and optimal result.


Applicable to

Painted walls, newly plastered walls, wallpaper, lime plaster, cement plaster, absorbent natural stone, aerated concrete, brick, sand cement, wall tiles, gypsum boards, gypsum bricks, bitumen, rubber & silicone, wood, 100% mineral substrates and other mineral substrates.


Protective coating with Varnish Ultra Matte

Protect your Massif surfaces that have to endure more with Varnish. This is a varnish with a self-curing one-component system that makes your surface waterproof, stain and scratch resistant in 1 single coat. For optimal protection, we recommend applying 2 coats. For higher chemical exposure, Varnish 2K (2nd component) can be used, it should be applied in all varnish layers.

Maintenance product Massif Care

For durable maintenance, you can rely on Massif Care. This maintenance soap based on natural oils ensures thorough cleaning and offers additional protection against dirt. This combination keeps your Massif surfaces clean and in top condition for longer.


Available in 32
Pure & Original colours

Massif is available in a selection of 32 Pure & Original colours. From neutral shades to more colour. These colours emphasise the rich texture and fit any interior.

Massif kleuren

How to apply Massif?