Mjölk was started in 2009 by husband and wife team John Baker and Juli Daoust. With an eclectic mix of backgrounds ranging from curation, book publishing and music the couple felt inspired to open a lifestyle shop after travelling and exploring Scandinavia and Japan.

'We love the atmosphere created using a natural clay paint'

Mjölk is a lifestyle shop and gallery, representing work with an emphasis on functionality, craftsmanship, and timelessness. We look to our daily lives to find inspiration for the products we carry.

In our view, there is a beauty to be found in even the most simple, everyday tools. We are well known for our combination of modern Scandinavian design, paired with single-artisan works and antiques from Japan and we also publish a series of books entitled Mjolk which profiles these artists, designers, architects and other creatives.

What we love about Pure & Original…

We love the atmosphere created using a natural clay paint, and the spontaneous texture and subtle variations that emerge as the lime-wash dries. In a country where most of the buildings are new, a coat of Fresco or Marrakech Walls over lifeless drywall becomes crucial to providing visual warmth and grounding.

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