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Capsule Collection Grounded Beautitude

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Pure & Original x KOI Colour Studio Capsule Collection Grounded Beautitude

Our second Capsule Collection evokes feelings of peace, tranquillity and timelessness. The colours and shades we developed for this collection all have historical references from different eras. While Aurora refers to the Scandinavian northern lights and the 1930s, Floating Fog is several hundred years old – a grey-green colour you might have seen on a building facade, but also in those historical interiors where the wall colour is hard to identify. The new colours also fit perfectly with our first Capsule Collection New Dawn.

The location we chose for Grounded Beautitude is the home of the famous Norwegian director Torstein Bjørklund. We want to show how to achieve that spectacular and personal design feeling in a small space through colour, art and smart solutions.

About KOI Colour Studio

KOI Colour Studio is Norway’s first multidisciplinary colour studio. Their goal is to contribute with purposeful and effective use of colour in urban spaces, architecture, interior design, product development and graphic design. KOI Colour Studio offers consultancy, courses, development and strategic guidance. The small team has different backgrounds, but each with a special focus on colour.

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This year, Pure & Original is launching its second Capsule Collection together with KOI. A series of colours that match perfectly, divided into a range of basic shades and exciting statement colours. The cooperation between Pure & Original and KOI goes back many years. An example of this unique cooperation are the Colour Collections, inspiring colourful houses to dream away in. For the Pure & Original x KOI Capsule Collection, both parties joined forces and worked together on a collection of new colours to complement the current Pure & Original colour collection.

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