Publication - Interior designer Nicola Harding on how to make your home more sustainable

Publication Pure & Original on Nicola Harding

Growing up in a military family, Nicola Harding lived in a series of ‘identikit houses with standard-issue furniture’, so was sensitive to the subtle touches that make a home from an early age.


‘It was fascinating to me how you could walk into one family’s house and feel a sense of warmth, whereas another might be sterile,’ she recalls. Visits to her godfather’s home, which was filled with designs and textiles he’d collected, was another catalyst for her love of interiors.


‘I aim to create a sense of home and that’s about comfort, nature and a feeling of being welcome’

Harding studied theology at Edinburgh University and then completed a diploma in garden design at KLC in London. The latter formed the basis of her eponymous studio, which she set up in 2008, after five years working with renowned landscape designer Arne Maynard. ‘I thought I’d tag interiors on to my business as there was a recession and gardens tend to fall off people’s budgets,’ she explains. Decorating gradually became her main focus, but always with an eye on the link between indoors and out.

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