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Finishing specials

You are excited about applying Fresco lime paint, Marrakech Walls or Classico chalk paint. But how do you protect the paint against moisture and dirt?

Pure & Original offers different solutions with a wide range of finishing specials. This way you can also use your favourite colour in the bathroom or kitchen.

The Pure & Original finishing specials are:

  • Dead Flat Eco Sealer
  • Italian Wax
  • Lime Soap
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Dead Flat Eco Sealer

Dead Flat Eco Sealer is an ideal topcoat for painted surfaces to maintain a matte finish while providing a durable, washable protective layer. Our sealer can be applied to wood, walls and other surfaces, and friction (while cleaning, for example) does not blemish the finish. We recommend a waiting time of  7-10 days after painting your surface before applying Dead Flat Eco Sealer, especially for more pigmented colours (i.e. mid to dark shades).

Pure & Original Dead Flat Eco Sealer:
  • Is heat-resistant (up to 100 degrees Celsius)
  • Has a very matt appearance
  • Is very washable
  • Is dilutable
  • Enhances the colour (i.e. colours will become slightly darker and fuller)

Always test the sealer on your surface first, then apply the sealer in thin layers with a flat brush and not with a roller. When applied too quickly to Fresco lime paint and Marrakech Walls, or if applied in thick layers, there is a risk of a white haze on dark colours. Remove aggressive substances such as fat, wine and coffee immediately.

Applicable in:

  • Kitchen.
  • Bathroom.
  • Toilet.
  • Hallway.
  • Kids room.
  • And much more.

Italian Wax

Pure & Original Italian Wax is a natural, transparent wax that deepens the colours and shades, and makes the surface water-repellant after two layers.
After applying the wax, rub the surface with a clean, dry cotton cloth. This gives the wax a super-shiny, high-gloss effect. After drying and without polishing, the wax will be very matt.

Pure & Original Italian Wax:
  • Is polishable to a high gloss
  • Is water-resistant
  • Has 0% VOCs
  • Is an all-natural product
  • Is easy to clean
  • Is easy to apply

Applicable to:

Lime Soap

Natural Lime Soap is a natural soap and is used in saturating a calcareous subsurface like Fresco Lime Paint and Marrakech walls. Saturating with lime soap turns a surface water repellent and therefore maintenance friendly. Natural Lime soap can also be used to protect and maintain other materials like stone flooring, concrete, wood, etc.