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Colour brochure

Our colour brochure consists of a selection of hand-painted pastilles in a wide range of beautiful colours.

The pastilles are painted with Classico chalk paint, but the colours are also available in other types of paint such as Fresco lime paint, Licetto, Kalei, lacquers or Marrakech Walls. A number of examples of this have also been incorporated in the colour brochure.

The type of paint, surface and lighting have a great influence on the final appearance of the colour on the wall. Also keep in mind that Pure & Original's paint is made with natural products. As a result, colours may deviate slightly.
You can pick up a colour brochure free of charge from our resellers to choose your favorite colours at home. Our resellers can also advise you on the right colours and paint types.
Pure & Original colour card

Inspiration catalogue

In our new inspiration catalogue, you will find an overview of all our products, together with a brief description of how to apply them.

Let yourself be inspired by photography and text that live in your wishes, colours and spheres.
We would like to give you a piece of passion that we feel for our profession. Craft, beautiful materials and a luxurious, rich look for your home in which you can feel at home.

Paint qualities