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The factory team

Welcom to the factory

We do not make a secret of the origin and production of our paint, we pride ourselves on how our paint is made for you.

Passion, workmanship, sustainability, environmental friendliness and quality are central. The paint is still made in an authentic way until today.
We do this together with a small family company, which has been fabricating paint for over 70 years. The knowledge and craftsmanship are still there to make those unique products.

Respect for human and nature is one of the core values of Pure & Original. Only the best raw materials and minerals are used to make our paint. That we comply with the strictest requirements and legal provisions is a matter of course.

Craftsmanship and passion are passed from generation to generation.
Handwork at the factory
Mixing paint
Working at the factory
Pure & Original quality control
After a long range of mixing and testing, the paint goes into the cans and is shipped to the stores.

The products of Pure & Original are available in many places, so there is always a point of sale near you! 

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People at work in the factory