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Would you also like to experience the feeling of painting, to be able to paint some projects by yourself? For finding inspiration, or learning about different techniques, the workshops below can be very helpfull to guide you through the process.

Do you prefer to take part of a real-time workshop? Contact your local dealer, various dealers organize regular workshops in their store or studio. Sign up for our blog and stay tuned with the latest projects and new inspiration!

Artwork with Marrakech Walls


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Krukje verven Poetic Blue

Stool make-over

It's pretty easy to turn old furniture pieces into new gems by simply painting it with a new and fresh colour. Souraya chose to paint this wooden stool, which she got from her aunt, in colour Poetic Blue. She turned this old stool to a fresh and trendy eye-catcher, providing a subtle colour accent to her space.

Click on the workshop to find out how she achieved this beautiful result.

Find the original publication on the blog of Binti Home.