Matt & washable, Licetto

Licetto, hyper washable paint

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful, matt look on the wall, but are concerned about the durability of the finish? Perhaps you want to use your favourite matt colour in a humid, wet room such as the kitchen or bathroom. If so, then Licetto is a great solution!

This practical wall paint has a very matt appearance and is highly washable. Walls become resistant to dirt, moisture, or other stains. Additionally, Licetto is extremely scratch-resistant and is not prone to shiny areas from spot cleaning. Licetto is also a great solution for commercial projects.

Licetto contains no solvents and 1 gr VOCs / L (the legal standard in Europe is up to 30% VOCs). The full properties of the paint, as with most paints, will appear after approximately seven days and the paint is washable after two weeks.

Because of the washable properties, Licetto is also suitable for the use in the kitchen and bathroom. Removing dirt and limescale will be no problem at all.

How to apply Licetto

Licetto paint can be applied like any other traditional paint, either by roller, brush or professional sprayer. We recommend diluting the paint with a maximum 5% water.

For untreated surfaces, we recommend the application of one layer of Pure & Original WallPrim, followed by two layers of Licetto. If the WallPrim is coloured in the same colour of the Licetto paint, one layer of Licetto will do.

For painted surfaces, be sure to clean the surface well with Pure & Original Super Cleaner. Shiny surfaces need to be sanded till matt. After this, continue as explained for untreated surfaces. Start with one layer of Pure & Original WallPrim, then continue with two layers Licetto. If the WallPrim is coloured in the same colour of the Licetto paint, one layer of Licetto will do.

Highly-absorbent or porous surfaces should first be primed with Pure & Original WallFix to reduce the absorption. Always read the data sheet before beginning your project.
Licetto applied in the bathroomDorien Ceulemans, Stijlvol Wonen
Licetto applied in the hallway

Licetto in the bathroom and kitchen

Looking for a beautiful, matte, paint to apply to your bathroom and kitchen? Search no further! Licetto is the perfect solution. Due to the hyper washable characteristics of this paint, it is super easy to clean with a wet cloth. Dirt, moisture, grease and chalk will not affect the paint. Even if you try really hard by rubbing, this paint will not, till nihil, show a gloss. 

Next to all these characteristics, Licetto also is highly scratch resistant. The paint will not be easily scratched or damaged. Because of this, Licetto is the perfect project paint for public spaces or frequently used spaces like the hallway.

Advantages and disadvantages of Licetto

Pure & Original Licetto:
  • Is a super-matt paint.
  • Is highly washable.
  • Leaves no shiny spots due to friction.
  • Is not susceptible to scratching.
  • Is sustainable and environmentally-friendly.
Licetto in the colour Barbedos Blue, applied in the hallway
Licetto and Fresco the colours Evening Shadow, applied in the living room
The Pure & Original can

The Pure & Original can

Would you like to start working with lime paint from Pure & Original? Avoid disappointment and buy your paint at one of our dealers, and don’t let another paint be coloured with our colours. 
The quality, abilities and look and feel of our paints can only be achieved with our own base and pigments. Replacing one of these elements with another brand, and the results will not be the same. 

To be sure you buy our product, it has to be colourd and sold in the original Pure & Original can.