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Linda van der Wal Deense Zomer Selected By Deense Zomer

A colour palette with exciting colour combinations, Scandinavian design mixed with vintage gems. That's how you can describe Linda's style. She explains where the name Deenze Zomer comes from and how her love for colour has changed over the years.

My name is Linda van der Wal and I live with my family in a detached 1970s house in a Frisian village near Leeuwarden in The Netherlands. I have been involved in interior design from a young age. Where I used to often opt for matching and more obvious colours, nowadays I look for excitement in colour combinations. My interior style is difficult to grasp, but colourful certainly covers the charge. I also like (Scandinavian) design, new and vintage. My interior is therefore a mix of vintage and new design and colour. In the meantime I no longer have a single white wall in the living room and kitchen and I have two ceilings in colour. The best decision i’ve ever made!

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Steel Blue Classico krijtverf chalk based paint Linda Deense Zomer
Licetto Provincial Gold & Steel Blue / Traditional Paint Eggshell Steel Blue
Polar Blue Licetto Linda van der Wal keuken Pure and Original
Classico Old Ocre / Licetto Polar Blue
Provincial Gold and Soft Flamingo Licetto paint Linda Deense Zomer
Licetto Provincial Gold / Soft Flamingo
Provincial Gold Licetto Courtly Rose Classico Soft Flamingo Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & Original
Licetto Provincial Gold / Classico Courtly Rose

A few years ago I started an Instagram account under the name Deense Zomer (@deense_zomer). A reference to the love for Danish summer houses and Danish design. We have been on vacation in Denmark at least once a year for years. Previously often in the spring or autumn and in recent years also in the summer. As a result, we as a family are now experiencing real Danish summers.

Meanwhile, my hobby has become my job and in May 2021 I started my own company called Studio Deense Zomer with the focus on interior photography and content creation.

Polar Blue Licetto Linda van der Wal keuken Pure and Original Selected by Deense Zomer
Licetto Polar Blue
Provincial Gold Pure & Original
Old Ocre Pure & Original
Soft Flamingo Pure & Original
Courtly Rose Pure & Original
Polar Blue Pure & Original
Steel Blue Pure & Original

Q: How did you get in touch with Pure & Original?
Pure & Original approached me trough Instagram to collaborate and I didn't have to think twice about it. While scrolling through my Instagram feed, I saw that I unveiled my first Pure & Original makeover on May 3, 2019. In honor of the launch of the SPRING SUMMER colours 2019, I painted a wall in Steel Blue with a colour surface in the colour Spring Blossom and a cupboard in the colour Dusty Lavender. A year later, a second spectacular metamorphosis followed. Inspired by the Colour Collection - Upside Down, I completely immersed our kitchen in colour with Old Ocre on the ceiling and Polar Blue on the walls and door. Wow! I've never been more impressed with what colour can do. Since 2021 I can call myself ambassador of Pure & Original and I think that is a great honor.

Q: What is the perfect colour combination for you, and how do you find it?
I do everything on intuition. So is the choice of colour. I prefer exciting colour combinations to obvious combinations. I like to sand and challenge it a bit, but always in a stylish way that suits me, my furniture and accessories. I see more and more a line in the colours that I choose, so that the whole is finally right. The colour Steel Blue is definitely a permanent colour in my interior, because it matches so well with Danish design and vintage. My favorite Pure & Original colours are: Steel Blue, Polar Blue, Old Ocre, Provincial Gold, Courtly Rose and Soft Flamingo. You can find all these colours on the ground floor of my house.

Polar Blue Licetto  and Traditional Paint Eggshell Linda van der Wal keuken Pure and Original
Classico / Traditional Paint Eggshell Steel Blue
Steel Blue Classico krijtverf Linda Deense Zomer
Licetto Steel Blue / Provincial Gold
Courtly Rose Classico Provincial Gold Licetto Soft Flamingo Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & Original
Classico Courtly Rose / Licetto Provincial Gold & Soft Flamingo
Soft Flamingo Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & Original
Licetto Soft Flamingo & Polar Blue / Classico Old Ocre

Q: What are you inspired by in terms of colour and interior?
Interior magazines, Instagram and Pinterest are my great sources of inspiration when it comes to colour in the interior. In addition, the Colour Collections from Pure & Original that really convinced me to paint ceilings in colour. It is so special that I also know how to inspire other people who then also dare to use colour on the ceiling. This is how the interior world becomes more and more colourful!

Q: What is your favorite type of paint and why?
My favorite type of paint is Licetto. The combination of washable wall paint and a family with young children and a dog… That is of course a golden combination. In addition, Licetto has a matte finish, which creates a chic and almost cuddly look.

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