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I want to paint at home, but who will help me with advice?

Which colours go well together and how much paint do I need?

What is the difference between chalk paint and lime paint?

Those Marrakech Walls, is that easy to do yourself?

Just a few questions that are common and we can help you with very well. Of course via our site and videos on YouTube, but now also via digital advice, so that you get 1: 1 advice from a specialist online from home.

How does it work?
Actually very simple, just like you speak, call, email or contact a friend or a family member on WhatsApp. Prepare with questions you want to ask or the space you want advice for. For example, do you want advice on choosing the right colour? Or is your question about how to apply paint? Take photos and collect images from, for example, Pinterest to show what you like.
  • Choose one of the dealers below and contact them and indicate a number of times when you can be reached and how. The best is, for example, via Skype, or equivalent, with which you can let the dealer view the room virtually.
  • Tell us which atmosphere you want to achieve or which colours you like
  • Measure the walls you want to paint

After this has been discussed, the dealer will come back to you with advice in colours and paints + the required number of liters and paints.

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