Pure & Original colour inspiration on the Oslo Design Fair, bedroom in red and purple

Oslo Design Fair

Combinations of soft pastels form a rich ambiance what the space makes feels most comfertable and energiek. Unknow contrasts complete each other as never seen before, creating a strong base. The colour combinations bring a sudden depth and freshness. Let yourself be enchanted by the world of colour. 

“For the first time, Pure & Original at Oslo Design Fair is chosen as the lead Paint Brand. Oslo Design Fair wanted to create a trend area that reflects the theme of the Fair: Impossible/Possible. New perspectives for our homes, both interior and colours.

Choice of materials: eco-friendly interior and paint to create a future home for generations. Art, design, colours play along in a beautiful assembly, and in the middle of this, you find our Pure & Original colours.

In this picture gallery, you will find our natural colours in different rooms and settings, we hope it inspires you.”

Copyright: Oslo Design Fair, photographer: Margaret de Lange, stylist: Kirsten Visdal, designer: Vera&Kyte, artist: Andreas Siqueland

Licetto matte washable wallpaint

Are you searching for a matte wallpaint with intense colour experience for the bathroom or kitchen? Licetto is specially made for these spaces. Moise and lime do no harm and also rubbing does not create a shine. We call this super strong and ultra-matte. 

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Bathroom inspiration pink wallpaint and terazzo

Classico powdery matte wallpaint

Soft pastels, warm neutrals and fresh tints are merched into a strong base due the use of Classico chalk-based paint. This powdery matte wallpaint is the perfect choise for every room. No screaming harsh contrasts but a soft apperance in which colours complete each other and you feel the most comfortable. 

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Matte wallpaint in blue tints with brown colour block, Nordic style dinging room inspiration