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Traditional Paint - Lacquers

Pure & Original lacquers are of exceptionally high quality. Lacquer is an especially excellent application for doors, window frames, wood, MDF, walls, and even radiators, PVC and metal.

You can choose from two types of lacquer:
  • Water-based lacquer, with a soft Eggshell gloss.
  • Oil-based Gloss, with a gloss of 95%.

Water based

Water-based lacquers, mainly used for doors, windows and baseboards, or as a finish on wood and metal, are also a perfect finish to give a different and exclusive look to your walls. Our water-based Traditional Paint is especially suitable for walls, including those in bathrooms and kitchens.

You can transform every kind of wall, including stucco, drywall and other surfaces, to create a “wow-effect” with this paint.

Oil based

This traditional, oil-based (alkyd resin) lacquer:
  • Provides very high opacity with full coverage.
  • Offers a warm, soft sheen in eggshell or a perfect gloss.
  • Is easy to apply.
  • Is washable.
  • Is completely durable after 7 days.

May be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces:
  • On wood windows and doors.
  • As a top coat in bathrooms.
  • As a top coat on metal.
  • On furniture.

Oil-based lacquers glide on surfaces to provide a seamless, smooth final result.

Heat resistant

Pure & Original lacquers are heat-resistant, making them a suitable paint for radiators.
Lacquer Traditional Paint in the colour Silk White, applied on a radiator
Lacquer Traditional Paint in the colour Tin Kettle, applied on a radiator