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Ema Bihor

My name is Ema, 26 years old living in Oslo, Norway. I live with my boyfriend Geir. (...) 

I love interior for oh´ so many reasons. I love the story behind the interior, the people and the passion they have. I love that you can mix the different interiors and you can create your own style. It is also funny to see how style changes. I love the details in interior and I love to change interior after my mood. And different from clothes: one size fits all! Interior makes me happy :-)

I like it bright with a hint of colours - it´s timeless. I love to mix texture and old with the new. I have currents obsessions all the time and a thing for lamps. My current hang up is Art Deco style. Loving the soothing and clean mix of furniture, shapes, textures and colours (pastel). Marble, brass, pastel and velour makes my heart skip a beat! 

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