Green Cross building in Broekhuizen

Green Cross building in Broekhuizen

Posted on: 01-06-2017

Green Cross building in Broekhuizen

I am Josien Weijs and I live with my boyfriend Bart Kleeven in Broekhuizen, a small village in Noord-Limburg, Netherlands. 

Since October 2016, we have lived in this house, which is built in 1953. For years, it has served as a Green Cross building. This is yet to see on some details like the green cross that is immersed into the facade of our house, and in the stained glass windows above our front doors which also displays a green cross. In this building, the general practitioner held office hours and the consultancy was also located in here. For example, our kitchen has served as changing rooms where mothers could clothe their children. Our living room served as a waiting room and in our bathroom were the consulting rooms.

The living room in green and grey


The people who lived here before us has completed a renovation to create a family home. They also expanded the building. They built a bedroom, scullery and a veranda in the style of the house. Fortunately, the retained many old details, such as the stained glass windows and the floor tiles in the hallway. 

The hallway with old tiles

We also did quite a renovation. We removed the floor in the kitchen and placed a new black and white tile floor. We removed the tiles behind the counter in the kitchen and replaced them with stucco. Also, we renovated the ceiling in the living room and the kitchen. 

The kitchen in blue tones

A cozy place to eat

Bold colour choises

In our bedroom, my father has built a closet made of old doors. The conversion of this closet and the walls in this room were painted in the colour Flannel Grey. 

In addition, we painted the whole house. The kitchen and doors were painted in the colour Silver Plate. This was a lot of work, but it was fun. Finally, I could see the colours I chose from the Pure & Original colour card come together.

The hand made closet made of old doors

For the colours, I went to Caltabellotta Interieur in Someren with my mother. Here we could see the big A4 colour samples, these show better than the small ones on te colour card. I wanted colours which fit together, but which you would not place together in the first place. Because of this, it would be surprising instead of standard. For example, the colour Blue Reef combined with Belgian Wilderness in our kitchen is a lovely combination. I am very happy with the result. In the hallway, we combined Blue Reef with Potato Skin, also an exciting combination. I have chosen for Pure & Original for their country feeling and matte appearance. It gives our house a nice and comfortable feeling. 

The living room

Mix and match

As shown on the pictures, we have always used two colours in the kitchen, living room and hallway. These walls used to have old panelling made of concrete enamel. We liked this old panelling so much that we decided to keep this old detail. So we used two colours, to give the effect of the old panelling. 

Our interior consists of a mix of old, brick furniture, complemented with industrial and new items. I love the vintage style of furniture and like to have a kind collection, of all different things. I bought all these items while staying at my parents home. I like the blue and green tones, I still have furniture in these colours. Ultimately, the furniture fits perfectly together with the colours of Pure & Original, to make a beautiful whole. 

Lots of light because of the big windows

At this moment we have used the chalk paint, high gloss lacquer and sealer (in the kitchen) of Pure & Original. I did love to work with all these products. The best thing is that it gives immediate results. The matte effect shows straight away.