Family home in Katwijk

Family home in Katwijk

Posted on: 12-06-2018

Family home in Katwijk

Come in, and take a look inside this family home in Katwijk, The Netherlands. The house was turned upside down, to create the cosy home it is today. A new floor, a bit of nature by adding some wood and of course, a new colour for the walls. To create a comfy sphere, the family has chosen for lime paint.

The walls in the hallway and toilet are painted with Fresco lime paint in the colour Ground PepperGround Pepper, the doors, wood on the ceiling in the kitchen and window frames are painted with Traditional Paint in the colour Ground Pepper, the walls in the living room, dining room and kitchen are painted with Fresco lime paint in the colour Wet SandWet Sand, the ceiling is painted with Classico in the colour WhiteWhite Garlic.

Production: Iris Floor, Pure & Original
Photography: Muk van Lil
Special thanks to: Esatto


"Four years ago we, Wilbert and Arianne, fell in love with our home in Katwijk aan Zee. Soon we decided that this was it, and we bought it. It was old (1926) and a lot had to be done, but we saw potential in it. 

Before we could call this old house our ‘palace’, a lot had to be renovated first. We started upstairs and after three years it was the ground floor’s turn.

The search for the best furniture started a year in advance. Soon we found out that we wanted to go for the 'tough and sober style'.

The renovation downstairs took more than 2 months. Meanwhile, the search for furniture went through, accessories, a new kitchen, stairs, toilet, colour recommendations (Pure & Original), a new floor and fireplace. We have travelled all over the country. Piece by piece it all fell together and everything found its place.

My favourite place is the kitchen, cosy at the bar or cooking behind the stove. Because it is an open kitchen, I can also enjoy the company at the dining room table or the living room, what I really like.

We are so proud of our house and we enjoy it every day, together with our three girls. "

Hallway with Fresco lime paint in the colouer Ground PepperDoors Traditional Paint in the colour Ground Pepper
Dining room with Fresco lime paint in the colour Wet Sand
Details with Fresco lime paint Wet Sand in the backgroundCeiling in Classico in the colour White GarlicLime paint on the walls and chalk paint on the ceilingDetails, you can see the stripes from the brush
A cosy kitchen with lime paint and lacquer
A combination with natural materialsA true family home to love and live in
Lime paint on the walls and lacquer on the doors and wood
Lime paint applied in the kitchenWood detail painted with Traditional Paint lacquer in Ground PepperLiving room with lime paint in grey sandDetails in the living room, natural materialsComfy living room with fire place and lime paintFresco lime paint in a sandy colourA sober, country sphere in this cosy family homeToilet with lime paint in the colour Ground Pepper