Add my place

Posted on: 15-06-2025

Add my place
Do you have a wonderful place which is painted with Pure & Original paint, and you like to share? Yes, please!

We love to receive beautiful photo’s with a personal story. For the story, you can keep those questions in mind:
  • Who are you and where do you live? Who else is living in the house?
  • Can you tell something about you home? For how long do you live there, what kind of building is it, did you rebuild a lot etc.
  • Can you tell something about the interior? How was the house before you moved in? 
  • Can you define your style? 
  • Is there something that makes it especially your home? This can be interior, exterior or architectural. 
  • Is there something you do/did not like about the house? How did you participate with this?
  • What paints and colours did you use? Why did you choose for those? Did you think it was exciting? 
  • How did you find working with Pure & Original’s products? Do you like the products? Why?

There are no good or bad answers, it is important that it is a good flowing, personal story. We also like to hear the doubts and fears as well. What did go wrong, what did you not expect etc. And off course also the good things! 

For the visuals, it is important that they are made with a camera, and not a mobile phone. We do like high-resolution visuals with at least 2mb each. 

This package with text and visuals can be sent, using, to, if you if you have questions, feel free to email as well!