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Floor Paint

Pure & Original Floor paint is a ready-mixed, very durable floor paint. It is available in all of our wonderful colours and can be used on wood, as well as on concrete.

It is also suitable to paint window frames and kitchen cabinets with this paint.
Floor Paint has a matt effect, providing a sturdy, natural look.

Application & pros and cons

Sand the floor and remove and dust or debris. Dilute the paint (5-10%) with water for the first layer. The second (and potentially the third) layer may be set up undiluted. The more (thin) layers you apply the more durable the Floor Paint will be.

Please note: It is highly recommended to test the surface before painting the entire floor and always respect the drying times!

Pure & Original Floor Paint:

  • It is applicable on concrete, wood, stairs and more.
  • Does not require a primer.
  • Provides high adhesion.
  • Is durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Is pre-mixed and ready for immediate use.