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Articles about Pure & Original products regularly appear in the media. In February 2023, Pure & Original was featured in an article on the website of The Wall Street Journal.

Belgian Wilderness Fresco Mjolk Pure & Original

In interiors as in fashion, eventually everything old is new again. But lately, we’ve noticed a truly ancient material trending: limewash paint. This earthy, mottled wall finish with a chalky texture has embellished homes since the Roman empire. Even more remarkable: Its components—a toxin-free combination of burnt crushed limestone, water and natural pigment—have remained essentially unaltered.

Though Europe has long welcomed limewash, until recently, relatively few Americans had made its acquaintance, except as a semi-obscure, specialty technique. That’s changing as international concerns like Dutch brand Pure & Original and Australia’s Bauwerk Colour expand distribution, and upstart U.S. makers such as Portola Paints & Glazes, Color Atelier, JH Wall Paints and James Alexander Specialty Paints bring ready-made lime paints to market.

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