Ema Bihor

My name is Ema, 26 years old living in Oslo, Norway. I live with my boyfriend Geir.
I have my education in PR and communication. I’m a foodie with and a big passion for interior, books, travel, people and have a heart for beautiful things. 
I do a lot of things in my daily life. I have too much energy, hehe. You'll find me often in the kitchen cooking and trying new recipes. I also love testing out new places to see and eat in Oslo. I travel as often as I can and love to meet new people. Laughing hard with friends and read books. and of course - you'll find me on social media always browsing for new inspiration. 

I love interior for oh´ so many reasons. I love the story behind the interior, the people and the passion they have. I love that you can mix the different interiors and you can create your own style. It is also funny to see how style changes. I love the details in interior and I love to change interior after my mood. And different from clothes: one size fits all! Interior makes me happy :-)

I like it bright with a hint of colours - it´s timeless. I love to mix texture and old with the new. I have currents obsessions all the time and a thing for lamps. My current hang up is Art Deco style. Loving the soothing and clean mix of furniture, shapes, textures and colours (pastel). Marble, brass, pastel and velour makes my heart skip a beat! 

So, my story with Pure & Original started several years ago and I am never going back to just regular paint, hehe. I am hooked!

I had this horrible grey wall in my living room and I just couldn’t stand it. The was so boring and the type of grey colour didn’t add anything extra to my apartment. And I have always been told that I’m horrible at painting and that it takes so much time to paint.
But it was love at first sight when I saw Country Blue in Fresco lime paint at the interior store Bolina. I couldn’t stop thinking about the colour, just had to have it in my living room. So, my painting adventure started there and also interior story – it changed my style and the way I style.

Ema Bihor

In love with Fresco lime paint

This type of painting (lime paint) was quite new at that time. And what a blast it was to paint: it was so easy! The more you turned and twisted the brush – the better the result. The colour was amazing and everybody was wondering what paint it was and colour. After a while, I wanted something more light. So I painted it back to a regular bright paint. I wasn’t happy with it and I missed the texture on the wall. It lasted for less than a week and then I fell in love again. This time with Skin Powder in Fresco lime paint. Oh my – never have I ever seen such a nice colour. It’s the perfect pink: not too much and not too little. I had to paint – again. It was such a pleasure to paint in Skin Powder and the result was too good. When I sold the apartment, everybody was breath taken by the wall and couldn’t stop talking and asking about it. I knew I had to have that color in my new apartment. And I did, my kitchen is in Skin Powder (Fresco lime paint) and it looks like a million bucks.


To many lime paint is still very new and they fall in love with the texture and colour right away. I have a surprising element in every room and in the kitchen, it’s without a doubt the beautiful colour. Beautiful things don’t ask for attention and the same goes for that wall. Never have I ever been regrammed or gotten so many questions as I have for the paint and the kitchen. Everybody wants to know what colour it is, where it’s from and how it is to paint. I had my apartment (and my old apartment was also in an interior magazine with the pink wall in the living room) in an interior magazine and the head line was "on a pink cloud" and it really is. They wrote in the article: It’s just perfect. Not too much nor too little.


I have also painted with several grey colours, also Evening Shadow. Both in my old bedroom and old kitchen.
I forever going to have at least one lime painted wall from Pure & Original and I always recommend it. You are the best.

Fresco kalkverf in de keuken kleur Skin Powder
Roze kalkverf in de keuken
Kalkverf in de slaapkamer
Roze kalkverf in de woonkamer
Kalkverf in de keuken kleur Oxford Blue

Kitchen make-over

So, my friend Therese asked me to help her to create a nice kitchen. She had tried some different things that she hoped would refresh the kitchen (buy some new interior, add some stickers to the fronts and so on). It was not her plan to change the whole kitchen, but I gave her an idea that she could not resist.

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Blauwe keuken met kalkverf