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Characteristics, use and applicability:

This differs per chosen paint type within the Elements Collection. View the technical information of Classico chalk based paint and Traditional Paint High-Gloss for all properties.


The Elements Collection contains sparkling variants of the current colour collection. The paint contains a luxurious, chic, unique and mysterious shine that gives a unique experience of colour from every angle. Let walls, ceilings, (kitchen) cabinets and doors shine with the Elements Collection!

Traditional Paint High-Gloss Elements Collection Gold

Traditional Paint High-Gloss Elements Collection

The Traditional Paint High-Gloss Elements Collection offers a high-gloss effect which is enriched with a full brilliance. With the Traditional Paint High-Gloss Elements Collection, you create a true reflection of luxurious alloys and elements with the 7 new colours specially developed for this collection, Gold, Brass, Bronze, Rose Gold, Copper, Silver and Gunmetal.

Elements Collection Classico Latte Machiato Iris Floor Pure Original
Classico Elements Collection Latte Macchiato

Classico Elements Collection

With the Elements Collection based on Classico chalk paint, you get the best of both worlds, the ultra-matte look of chalk based paint with a pearly shimmer. This paint is available in almost all colours of the Pure & Original collection. For example, combine the Classico Elements Collection on one wall or ceiling with the traditional Classico chalk based paint on another wall for a spectacular effect and subtle contrast.

Elements Collection Traditional Paint High-Gloss Gold Esatto Iris Floor Pure & Original
Traditional Paint High-Gloss Elements Collection Gold

High-gloss paint lacquer for walls

What makes the Traditional Paint High-Gloss Elements Collection so unique is its versatility. Traditional Paint High-Gloss meets the highest requirements with regard to the environment, durability and ease of use. This high-gloss lacquer paint is very low in VOC, which makes it suitable for use on walls and ceilings, in contrast to many other lacquers and in addition to being suitable for doors, frames, skirting boards and furniture.

Pure & Original Japanese Spatula

Pure & Original Japanese spatula

A spatula specially added to the non-paint assortiment for the processing of the Elements Collection and Fresco lime paint. The spatula with flexible plastic blade is extremely suitable for the final finish of decorative painting techniques. The handle is made of a specific Japanese wood: Hinoki and is produced in Japan.

Gereedschap bij toepassing Elements Collection Pure & Original

Required paint supplies

Would you like to apply the Pure & Original Elements Collection? Then ensure the best result with the non-paint from Pure & Original. The non-paint range is available at our resellers.You apply the Elements Collection with a round or flat brush or the Japanese Spatula. These brushes can be used with all lacquers and paint products, but in particular for all water-based paint products. The Japanese Spatula can also be used for our Fresco lime paint.

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Pure & Original origineel verfblik

The Pure & Original can

Would you like to start working with the Elements Collection from Pure & Original? Avoid disappointment, buy your paint at one of our resellers, and don’t let other paint types tint with our colours. Only the original base and pigments can achieve our paints’ quality, abilities, look and fel. Replacing one of these elements with another brand, and the results will not be the same.

To be sure you buy our product, it has to be coloured and sold in the original Pure & Original can.