10x colour in the bedroom with paint

Posted on: 21-08-2020

Whether you want a light bedroom, a dark, a quiet or a busy bedroom, we all want something different in our bedrooms. While one person likes the cosiness of a dark colour, another may need a quiet and serene bedroom as an escape from everyday life. Whatever your needs, there are many different options for applying colour in your bedroom with, for example, paint. In this blog we give you inspiration for a bedroom that suits you.

Aubergine Fresco lime paint Iris Floor Pure & Original

Choose paint with colour nuances for your bedroom

Are you still unsure between wallpaper with a print or a painted wall? How about a wall paint with colour nuances such as Fresco lime paint? Due to the lime in the paint, the way of applying with a block brush creates colour nuances that also light up the colour somewhat. That way you can, for example, paint your bedroom door in the same colour as the wall and still get a completely different look with lime paint on the wall.

Black Hills Classico chalk based paint Margaret de Lange Pure & OriginalBlack Hills Classico chalk based paint Margaret de Lange Pure & Original

Colour in the bedroom for the daredevil

Are you really crazy about colour? Do not leave a piece of wall, ceiling, door frame or door uncoloured. Choose to paint the entire room in the same colour or, if you dare, make challenging combinations and apply them creatively by means of colour areas or paints with colour nuances.

Burned Sand Classico chalk based paint Denise Keus Pure & OriginalBurned Sand Classico chalk based paint Denise Keus Pure & Original

Ton-sur-ton use of colour

Are you going for a calm and serene look in your bedroom? Then work with different colour shades from the same colour group. Or use the same colour in different types of paint so that they differ slightly in colour. A lacquer or chalk paint will always turn out darker in the same colour than a lime paint, so that you can still create depth with the same colour. And do you want to unpack completely? Then also paint the floor in a similar shade and adjust your bedding and accessories to the colours.

Provincial Gold Fabric Fuente Iris Floor Pure & Original

Apply colour with curtains

Is a colour on the wall too daring for you? You can also apply colour in other ways. For example by painting a panel in a colour and using it as a main board. But you can also apply the colour in the curtains! You can make it as colourful or as calm as you want.

Sahara Dust Marrakech Walls Crisp Sheets Pure & OriginalSahara Dust Marrakech Walls Crisp Sheets Pure & Original

Add warmth in the bedroom with colour

A warm nest where you can retreat to at the end of the day. How nice is that when you can create this in your bedroom? You do this by applying different heat tones. A beautiful wooden floor often helps, but the colour on the wall is also important. Choose a warm and calm shade for a relaxed atmosphere or a warm darker shade if you want to make the room feel cozier. Provide accessories with soft materials and round shapes and bed linen in a matching warm tone. And voilà, enjoy it!

Sahara Dust Marrakech Walls Debbie Trouerbach Pure & Original

A calm and serene atmosphere due to light use of colour

If you want a light bedroom, you naturally also choose a nice light colour on the wall. Also do this in your bed linen and window coverings to continue this peaceful atmosphere. Do you still want to apply some colour very carefully? Then choose wall art with some colour in it or a beautiful colored bedspread and pillows. You can also make the whole thing more exciting with textiles or, for example, an armchair with a print.

Skin Powder Fabric Rozzo Judith Doppenberg Pure & Original

Dark colours on the wall in your bedroom

Do you have a very large bedroom or do you simply want to make your bedroom cozier? Then a dark colour around the walls can work very well! It may sound very exciting and you often hear that a dark colour makes the room smaller, but that does not necessarily have to be the case. It does make the walls feel like a warm blanket, like a cocoon to which you can withdraw. Combine this dark color with, for example, light (er) colours in your bedding and natural accents in the accessories and the whole thing becomes a bit lighter again.

Skin Powder Fresco lime paint Jeremy Philips Pure & Original

Paint the ceiling

In most cases, a white ceiling is chosen and often remains white. Have you ever thought about painting the ceiling? Even with light shades, this already gives a grand but subtle effect.

Steel Blue Licetto Muk van Lil Pure & OriginalSteel Blue Licetto Muk van Lil Pure & Original

Cool colours in the bedroom

The use of cool colours, especially blue, can be very calming. Combine with a white for a fresh look and make it a bit cozier and warmer by using plants and accessories made of natural materials such as this lamp or a beautiful linen bedspread.

Ground Pepper Licetto Soverom Pure & Original

Add colour with painted paneling

Do you find it exciting to paint the entire wall in one colour? Then paint a paneling or use color areas to add some colour. You can have this colour reflected in your bedding or accessories in the bedroom.

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