What kind of paint do you need for a concrete-look wall?

Posted on: 16-09-2021

A concrete-look wall gives atmosphere to your interior. A raw edge that fits in many interiorstyles. We have created several concrete-look walls in our house and I'm going to tell you exactly how we do that!

I always work with Marrakech Walls from Pure & Original to create a concrete look. Marrakech Walls can be mixed in any colour from their colour brochure at a reseller and in this case we chose the Evening Shadow colour. A very nice gray paint that you can use perfectly as a base colour for your interior.
We went to work in our bedroom. Our main board was also painted in this gray paint colour, but in a matte wall paint. If you combine two types of paint on 1 wall, it gives a very nice ton-sur-ton effect.

Required paint materials for a concrete look wall

Before we get started with our diy concrete look wall, we first need to collect all the necessary materials:
  • WallPrim Pro from Pure & Original. This is a water-dilutable wall primer for indoors and you can mix it in the same colour as the Marrakech Walls paint. Ask the dealer how much paint you need.
  • Marrakech Walls wall paint from Pure & Original. You can also mix this in the colour of your choice. Ask the dealer how much paint you need.
  • The Marrakech Walls spatula
  • Paint trays, good masking tape, a block brush, a wall roller suitable for water-based paint, newspapers/trash bags to protect the floor
Evening Shadow Marrakech Walls Huizedop Pure & Original verfblik

Step-by-step plan for making a concrete look wall

With the following method it is a simple job to make a concrete look wall yourself:
  1. Tape the walls with the masking tape and protect the floor
  2. Apply the WallPrim Pro with a fur roller. Let this coat of paint dry for a few hours
  3. Now you can get started with the Marrakech Walls paint. It is easiest to do this with two people, but you can also do it alone. Apply a "thick" layer of Marrakech Walls paint to the wall with the block brush. The second person, or yourself, immediately gets to work with the spatula.
Place the spatula at a 45-degree angle and make large movements. It doesn't matter which way, from left to right, bottom to top, diagonally etc. As long as the paint is wet, you can continue to spatula. It is important that you use a spatula in the wet paint. So work in blocks of one square meter and always work wet in wet, to prevent block formation on the wall. When you are finished with the entire wall, look at it from a distance, but also up close. It may happen that there is a blemish here and there that you would like to smooth out with the spatula. Personally, I think it's nice if you see some relief on the wall, this makes it even more lively.

Then it is a matter of letting it dry. While the concrete wall is drying, the colours and smudges still change and it really needs 24 hours of drying time to see the end result of your diy concrete wall.
Evening Shadow Marrakech Walls Huizedop Pure & Original detailEvening Shadow Marrakech Walls Huizedop Pure & Original detailfoto

Concrete look bedroom inspiration

Now that the paint has dried, we can start decorating and styling the bedroom. Ideal for this is a headboard. We made one ourselves and such a headboard has the advantage that you protect your wall, you can sit against it with a few pillows in your back and you can use it to put down some beautiful home accessories. I like to work with contrast at home, so now that we've made a light gray wall, I opt for dark home accessories and to add some warmth, some beige tones.
Evening Shadow Marrakech Walls Huizedop Pure & Original vooraanzichtEvening Shadow Marrakech Walls Huizedop Pure & Original
I hope this blog inspired you!

Love, Judith
Judith Huizedop A blog by Judith Doppenberg, blogger at Huizedop.